About Us

askprob is a online tech community for users to get help for there computers, networking and other issues.

Here any one can ask question related to their tech problems. you will be answered by our community expert.

our mission is too help users with the very easy way. that’s why, we are given you some advantages, which is not offered by others.

  • Whenever you will post any question on our forum. you will get the reply for the similar questions with in 1 hour with the solution.
  • This forum will be always free. there will be no charges for it in future as well.
  • we will try to provide the solution with the tutorial. so you can get brief details about how to resolve the the problem.

Why us:

when you ask any questions in askprob community. you will be always helped by one of our most trusted users. these users will try there best to resolve your problems.