How To Fix My AOL Desktop Not Responding Problem? AOL Gold Not Working  



I am using AOL desktop gold software for my AOL services because it feels very easy for me. Today, when I was trying to sign into my AOL account and it just says, AOL desktop not responding. 

I tried to restart my computer but didn't work yet?

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AOL gold service is one the best service of AOL company. It is premium service to their premium customer. Support on AOL Desktop or Gold is very good by AOL technicians.

AOL desktop is an AOL email application which works like an exchange server. Once you going online it will download and send all your email and works.

The tough part is its configuration first time and getting an error during email sending and receiving time. You can restart your computer to fix it.

Sometimes firewall and antivirus blocking system create the problem in AOL desktop. In this situation, you have to bypass a firewall.

You should contact server administrator of AOL technical support. If you are a technician and do you have knowledge about POP email server configuration write down below in comments, I will guide you individually. 

This post was modified 6 days  ago by Yvonne Nymann Bruun-Schultz

Please check some useful steps below-

Network connection speed must be strong. AOL desktop won't work if you have the slow Internet connection or frequent disconnection.

You have to check the system requirements for the AOL desktop software. Your system hardware must be capable enough for supporting AOL desktop application. In case, the specifications don't match up with the software needs, it will not work.

Update your AOL software from time to time. The user did complain they had the problem with outdated software and problem becomes solve after updating AOL desktop gold.

Try to access your AOL desktop Gold after restarting the computer.

This post was modified 6 days  ago by Yvonne Nymann Bruun-Schultz
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