Why Is My Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light? Sometimes, Solid Amber Light Also?  



My belkin router has blinking orange and blue light every morning. let me explain it briefly. 

Whenever i go to bed in the night. i usually turn off my modem, & Router. usually power it up in the morning. 

but when i start them, i get blue light on my belkin router for while and then it goes to the blinking orange light again. 

to make it working again, i have to power cycle my devices multiple times, then only it works fine for me. 

also sometimes, it start showing solid in the day as well. 


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As i can understand, you are getting blinking orange light on belkin router due to the few reasons only. 

  • Cable connection problem
  • Router Firmware Issue
  • Mac Address Problem

So try to follow the steps to belkin fix flashing orange problem. 

  • Cable connection Problem- first of all, you should check the cable connection between belkin router and modem. may be you have loose cable connection, that's why you are getting blinking orange light on your router sometimes. 
  • Firmware Issue- if you are using an old belkin router. you need to check for firmware update. an outdated firmware may cause several problems into your belkin router. so try to keep it updated.
  • Mac Address Problem - in some cases, people doesn't get blinking blue or solid blue on there router. if there modem is not able to identify the router. before serving the internet, every modem, confirms the device identity. if it is not correct, then your modem will not serve the internet connection. to get your router recognised, you need to clone the mac address of your computer into your belkin router and then reboot your router and modem.

Note- Before doing the mac cloning you need to connect your pc to the belkin wifi router via ethernet cable. do not perform mac cloning via wifi connection. otherwise, your router will not work. 


I think you should directly go ahead and update the router firmware first. i had similar problem with belkin n150 wifi router. i was getting flashing amber light all time on it. that time, my friend had updated the firmware for me, after that it had started working fine for me. 

so you should also try it once.  

you can easily download the firmware from here. 



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My belkin has solid orange internet light. i tried to follow the given above. but i am not sure about how to do mac cloning on my pc.

can you please tell me more about mac cloning. so i can perform it on my pc. 


Hello Kay N. Grijalva,

Mac cloning is basically a process the assign a mac address to the router. in this process, first of all you need to connect your router to the computer, and then follow the instructions given below. 

  • Open the belkin router setup page on your computer. 
  • Under internet section, you will get an option called, mac cloning. you need to click on it. 
  • Now you need to hit on clone my pc's mac address. 
  • Finally press the apply changes button, now your router will save the physical address and reboot itself. this process will take less than a minute. so you have to wait till that time. once your belkin router will restart. you need to go ahead and reboot the router settings. i am sure your router will start working fine. 

Check the ethernet cable first. most of the time, people are getting orange lights into their belkin router, because of punctured cable or faulty connector. 

so you need to replace the ethernet cable and connect your router to the modem via another cable. let's see if it is working fine now or not. 



I recently changed my service provider. now i am trying to setup my belkin router with the new modem. but it is not working anymore. 

all time, i am getting solid red light. also i have check the connection. my modem is properly connected to the WAN port of the router. 


Let's try to setup the belkin router with following steps: 

  • First of all, you should  confirm the internet settings. if you don't know the internet connection type. you can call your isp and get the information about your connection. 
  • now you need to factory restore your router, and then you need to configure your router with the settings given by your isp. 

After following all these steps, i am sure your router will start giving you solid green or blue light. 


Hello @judy

Thank you for helping me. finally, my belkin router is working now. please keep helping others as well. 


If you are going to have any kind of trouble with belkin router setup. you can visit this link: 

How to setup belkin router


When your belkin router has yellow or red light. you should power off the modem only. do not power off the router. 

wait for 10 seconds and then power up your modem. 

now again wait for 1 minute. you will start getting solid blue or green light on your router. it's that easy. 


My belkin router is frequently loosing the connection from my router. it get disconnects from 2 minutes and comes back automatically, 

this process for 10 or more times in a day. sometimes, it does not comes back automatically, in that case, i have to restart my modem. 

right after that if comes back. now i am totally confused what can be the reason behind this problem and how can solve this problem. 



Hello johnny, 

being a router technician, i see so many similar cases every day. 

according to me, most of the time, people face get belkin router blinking orange light problem, if they are using an old belkin router. 

let me tell you why?

when people setup there router in the network. they forget to care about it or updating the router firmware and other settings. 

we all know about the progress of technology. it is enhancing day by day.  so when you do not update the router for a long time. it get outdated. 

so i will suggest you to go ahead and try to update the router settings first . 

also, if it is still not working, you need to go ahead and reset the router and reconfigure it. 

to reset the router, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  • take a pin or pen. 
  • look at the back or bottom of your router, you will find the red color button. you need to press and hold it for 20 seconds with the help of pin or pen. 
  • once you will release the router button, you need to go ahead and power cycle your belkin wireless router for once, and then setup it again. 
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