My Brother Printer Won't Print Anything Since last 2 Hours. How Do I Fix?  



I am a legal advisor and need to print lots of pages every day and my printer stop working. Its brand name is Brother and its smart wifi printer. Is there any suggestion or need to buy a new one?


Printer issues can be due to overload in the print queue, or perhaps it may be an issue with the driver, or the network may be undergoing some connectivity problems and also loose connection might be the culprit.

To turn the back on ‘online’ after a valid issue happened, here is a list of steps to follow to allow the printer to go online:

  1. Start >> control panel >> printers and drivers >> select your printer from the list . 
  2. Now you need to double click on the icon of the brother printer if the user wants to reconnect online. there will be a pop-up window appear, this will show you all pending printing jobs in the queue.  you need to cancel them all. 
  3. at the last, go to the printers icon again and tap on it. this action will allow you to reconnect the printer ‘online’ from the ‘offline’ status.

It's a very simple process. you can use it to connect your printer, so printing jobs perhaps in a queue can continue. 

If these steps don't work, write in the comment below.

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In order to fix brother printer won't print issue. you should try these steps:

  •  Check connectivity. 
  • Cartridge Issue. 
  • Paper jam issue. 
  • Printer driver issue. 

Let me explain about these issues one by one, so you can fix the problem easily. 

Connectivity problem -  Before trying to fix the problem. First, you should check the connectivity between your printer and computer. Make sure your printer is properly connected from computer. 

To check the connectivity you can simply go to the control panel, and check printer status. Is it showing online or offline? 

If you find it offline, that means your brother printer is not connected to the computer. In this situation, you should try to connect your printer to the computer first. 

Reboot The Devices - After checking the connection, you should reboot your printer, computer, and router (only if you have connected your printer to the wifi). 

After rebooting it try to print a test page to ensure if your brother printer is working now or not. 

Printer Driver Issue- In some cases, people might deal with brother printer is not printing problem due to the printer driver issue. 

It happens, when you use an outdated driver or incompatible driver for your Brother printer. 

In this situation, you should remove the printer driver from your computer and install the latest driver into your computer. 

Once you will install the driver, you should try to print something again. I am sure you will get rid of brother printer stopped printing issue. You can download the latest driver from brothers official website.

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What is the error message you are getting in revert when you try to print from your brother printer?

When your brother printer won't print anything. It will give you an error in your laptop. You need to read that error carefully and then look for the troubleshooting steps according to that. 

Printing blank page or showing no ink error: 

You need to check ink label on your brother printer. Make sure you have ink on your printer. Somehow, if you don't find inks you need to go ahead and replace the cartridge into your brother printer.  For more information you may visit: how to fix brother printer printing blank pages?

Printer Communication error: 

As Kay, has already told has about network communication error. So I will not take more time on it. 

If you find your printer disconnected from the network, connect your brother printer to the wifi. 

Once you will connect it. Let's make a print again. It should work. 

how to connect brother printer to the wifi?

Brother Printer says offline- 

This is the most common message people get when they get brother printer error printing. This error comes because of several reasons. you may check out this article and follow the instructions to fix the problem. 

If you are unable to fix the problem. Let's go ahead and try to set up your printer and router by yourself.

why does my brother printer says offline



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Why my brother printer is not printing the double-sided document. I am using apple mac to print some pdf files but every time, it is printing one side only. It is not printing anything another side.

If I try to print the same document via windows computer, it works perfectly fine for me. I can print everything on both sides of the pages.

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I think you did not set up your printer for double-sided printing. That's the reason you are going through such kind of problem. 

You should try to change the settings first-

  • Open the document, you want to print. 
  • Click on files and then print. 
  • Now you need to select your brother printer and click on properties. 
  • Now click on landscape or portrait mode and click on ok. 
  • Here, you need to choose 2 sided print settings. 
  • Finally, you need to select 2 sided printing and click on ok. 

After changing the settings, you should try to print a document, I am sure you will be able to print it properly.

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