How To Fix Can't Sign Into Hotmail ? Outlook Email Sign in Problem  



I can't sign into my hotmail account since one week. here is my brief explanation about the problem. 

Last sunday, i went to my friend's home for a little party. at the same time, my boss called me and ask me to send some document. that i already had on my email. 

so i used my friends computer to login my email account and send him the documents. till that time, there was not problem with my account. 

when i came back to my home and tried to login to my hotmail account. it was giving me an error, we have recently founded suspicious activities from your account. 

so please verify the account first. 

now i am trying to verify the account ownership but they are not allowing me to sign into my outlook account. i am totally confused about what should i do. 

can anyone tell me how can i fix this outlook sign in problem. 


It seems like, your friend was using some kind of VPN or proxy app into his pc. that's why microsoft has consider your account as a spam account. 

in this case, you have to verify the account ownership first. to verify the account ownership. you can choose any one method, like- phone , security question etc. 

once you will verify the account. you will get rid of can't sign into hotmail account problem. 

also remember, do not try to access the account from any other computers in future. because that's not safe at all. 


I am having hotmail sign in problem. each time, when i try to login my account. it does not go anywhere. it always stays on the same login page.  


Usually, when you can't sign into hotmail account. it can be due to few reasons. 

  • Incorrect username or password. 
  • Browser issue. 
  • Network issue. 

Got confused? let me explain it better for you. so you can understand the method to fix hotmail sign in problem. 

  • First of all, you should check the email information. be sure about username and password. most of the time, people do mistake in typing the password. that's why they can't sign into hotmail account. 

As we all know, passwords are case sensitive. so do not forget to check the cap lock and num lock. may be you are typing the password grammatically correct but sensitively incorrect.

If you do have any doubt about email password. you may go ahead and reset hotmail password. 

  • When you go through outlook sign in problem, you should try to login your account on other browser. i am asking you to do this. because most of the time, people face can't sign into hotmail account problem due to the junky browser. 

So you should clean the web browser and then try to login to your account again. i am sure your email will start working fine. 


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Having hotmail sign in problem on windows computer only.

After filling the username and password on website. when i click on sign in button. it says, this web page is not available. 

I checked the internet connection on my pc. it's working fine. if i trying to login on facebook, gmail or other websites. it works fine. 

also, if i try to sign into my outlook account on my apple devices. it is working perfectly fine. but it's just happening with windows computer. 

i am totally confused about what can be the reason behind can't sign into hotmail account and how can i solve it. 


Hi @james,

It seems like, it's a problem from your web browser. so first you should clean the web browser. to clean the web browser you need to follow the instructions below. 

  • Delete the history from your browse. 
  • Delete the cookies from your web browser. 

For google chrome instructions, you may follow this.

For mozilla:

For safari:

once you will delete the cookies, you should try to sign into your hotmail account again and let me know are you still going through can't sign into outlook problem?

If your answer is yes? then the problem can be related to DNS server. may be it is not responding. that's why you are going through hotmail sign in problem. 

in this case, you have to change the DNS address with the following address. 

Primary address :

Secondary address:

To change the dns address, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  • Go to network and sharing centre. 
  • click on manage network adapters. 
  • Right click on your working adaptor and go to properties. 
  • Now select TCP IPV4/ IPV6 and click on properties. 
  • Scroll down and go to DNS server address section. 
  • fill the address, i have given and press ok. 

Finally, you need to reboot your computer and then try to access your computer. i am sure you will get rid of hotmail sign in problem. in case, if you need more help.





I am trying to sign into my outlook account on samsung galaxy phone. but it is saying, incorrect username and password. 

What should i do to fix the problem?


When you are having hotmail sign in problem in any phone. it can be due to the wrong server information, or due to the outdated application. 

so first of all, you need to check the server information. make sure you have type the correct address for incoming and outgoing server. 

Incoming server address for outlook(imap): 

server address:

Port no- 993

encryption- SSL /TLS

Outgoing server address for Outlook (SMTP):

server address:

Port no- 587

Encryption Type- SSL /TLS

POP Server - 

server address:

Port: 995

Encryption: SSL /TLS

so you need to remove the existing account from your phone right now, and re-add the email with the following information. 

Also, check for the mail app update. some times, people get heated into login problem due to the outdated application. 


You can fix sign into problem with these easy steps. 

  • Click on menu and go to settings on your phone. 
  • Now scroll down and select mail option.
  • choose outlook from it. 
  • Here you will able to see your email, you need to click on it and then tap on remove account. 
  • now you will able to see confirm message. click on ok. 

Once your account will be removed from your phone. you need to power it off and then turn it back on. 

now use this method : 

  • Go to the settings and mail again. 
  • tap on outlook and press add account. 
  • now you need to type your email address and password.
  • check on automatic settings and click on next. 

Finally, your account will start syncing itself. it may take less then 1 minute. once your email will be successfully setup. you will get all emails on your phone. 

i hope, now i have helped you in resolving the problem. in case, if you need more help. please comment down below. we will help you with that. 


I can't log into my outlook account. it is saying, this web page is not available. i have checked the internet connection. it all good. i can go to the other website and login there as well. 

it's happening with outlook only.



it looks like, this problem belongs from your web browser. so you need to clean the browser first and then try to access the hotmail. i am sure it will start working fine. 


What is going with outlook? i am trying to log into my live mail account since last couple days. but it is giving me redirection error on both mail and calendar site. 

this problem is coming on all devices. 

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