How To Fix My Hp Printer is Offline Problem? HP Printer Says Offline  



I have an hp printer is offline problem. Here are the brief details about my issues:

I have an hp envy 4500 printers. I had connected it to the wifi, and I was very happy with its performance. 

Last night, I have to try to print some documents from my printer, but it is giving your hp printer is offline error in windows 10 pc.  

First, I thought, this problem could occur due to the week signals. So I place my hp printer nearby my router, but its still getting the same problem. What can be the actual reason behind hp printer communication error?

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People get this offline error message. When their printer is not connected to the wifi network. So you need to make sure about the connection. 

You can also reboot your hp printer and router for one minute. I am sure, it will start working fine.

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In so many cases, I have seen people dealing with the hp printer offline problem due to the following causes. 

  • Network communication issue. 
  • Driver issue. 
  • Printer pool service issue. 
  • Antivirus or firewall issue. 

In order to fix the offline problem, you need to go ahead and follow these troubleshooting steps. 

  • Firstly, you should check all the network settings on your printer from the printer control panel. Your printer must be connected to the wifi. 

For the brief information, you may also visit: how to connect hp printer to the wifi

Check for the printer pooling services. If pooling services are not working, you might get hp printer not responding or offline error message. Follow below steps and restart pool services for the printer-

  • Open run box by using windows key+ R
  • Type services.msc and press ok
  • Look for the printer pool service and click on reboot.
  • Finally, your printer pool service will start itself, and then try to print something. 

Cancel all print commands and then power off your computer, now wait for 2 minutes and then power it back on. 

After rebooting the computer, you should try to print something. 

  • Sometimes, antivirus or firewall system also create a printing issue. It won't able to print if antivirus is blocking the communication between pc and hp printer.

In this situation, you have to disable the firewall and antivirus or allow the printing from restriction.

I will suggest you install the latest driver once again if your hp printer still says offline on windows 10 pc after following all these above steps.

You may download the latest drivers from hp's official website.

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I have an old Hp printer which has a broken screen on it. It was working fine till I moved my office from one place to another. I know how to connect my hp printer to print but problem is that the screen is broken.

I am not able to see my wifi or type my password. Is there any way I can connect my HP printer for wirelessly printing.


You can try to set up your printer using the USB cable. It will help you in connecting your printer to the wifi via computer.

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I am unable to print any document from my hp printer via apple Mac-book PC. Each time, when I try to print a document, it gives me hp printer is the off-line error message in revert. What should I do now?


First of all, let's check the wifi connectivity on your printer. to do that, you need to run hp scan doctor software

If you find your hp printer connected to the wifi. but still says offline problem. 

You need to remove the printer from your computer and re-add again. 

Go to control panel > devices and printer > right click on your brother printer and click on remove printer. 
Now go to the devices and printer > click on add printer.
Choose network wireless printer, now your pc will start searching for network printer. once you will see your printer, select it and click on next. 
Finally, your hp printer will start working fine. in case, if your hp printer is still offline. you need to go ahead and restore your printer and setup hp printer again. 

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All the above solutions can solve your problem but I would like to suggest you before doing all the above steps follow the simple rules of troubleshooting.

According to the rule devices mostly works fine just there could be a glitch.

Follow these steps if these solutions don't solve your problem then go with the above suggestions-

  • First, restart all the devices. Mostly it solves the problem.
  • Try to check wifi is working fine and devices are connected properly.
  • From the control panel check by default, the wireless printer is selected for printing.
  • There should not be any pending command. If any pending command for printing is waiting in control panel please remove it and try to print once again.

Any confusion with my answer please let me know.


Run Scan Doctor

Did you run hp scan doctor into your pc? if you have not, then you need to run it right now. this will show you the reason behind hp printer is offline problem.

if you find the error connection problem. you need to go ahead and connect your printer the wifi. for more details you can visit: 

how to connect hp printer to the wifi. 

Network Communication problem:

Make sure your printer and router is connected from the same network. If they not. you need to go ahead and connect them right now. 

Set Printer As A Default - 

When you go through Hp printer offline problem. You should try to set your printer as a default printer and then try to print something. Let's see what happens now. 

To set it as a default printer, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  • Click on start >> Go to control panel >> Choose devices and printers. 
  • Right Click on your printer and click on default printer. 
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You might have "hp printer is offline problem". If you have changed the default printer settings by mistake. You need to go ahead and set your active printer as a default printer again. 

To make changes, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  • Click on the Start button available in the bottom left-hand side corner and type devices and printer, press enter 
  • Right click on your active hp printer from the list (do not choose the gray out printer) and click on set as default. 

Now Try to print something from your printer. Let's see what happens now. 

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