Why Is My Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails On Phone Or PC?  



My yahoo mail is not receiving emails on any devices. i tried to check it on my computer or network. but it is showing me, old emails only. there is no new email arrive into my account.

i sent few text mail. they have been sent successfully but not received successfully.


There could be many reasons behind not receiving emails into the inbox. You may also contact Yahoo Care for accessing emails but before that try below simple steps-

  1. First, you have to confirm your internet connection is working fine. Sometimes your internet line doesn't work and we don't get an email.
  2. IT is also possible Yahoo down within your state or area. Check status from
  3. It is important to clean your browser and update time to time. (Delete The Browser History) (Delete Cookies From Browser) (Reset The Browser)
  4. Send an email from your yahoo account to your yahoo account and send an email from another provider (google, mail, whatever) to your yahoo account, to make sure problem is not with a particular email provider
  5. Sometimes email is being filtered into a subfolder and you aren't aware. If you have created subfolder pleas delete it
  6. Check your block list. The email you are sending from is in your "block addresses" list
  7. If you are getting a bounce back within few seconds after sending email, might possible sender email is not correct.

If you have any other concern write comments below or contact Yahoo Customer Care.

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I am not getting emails on my iPhone 8 and that's the reason I am using Gmail now. Is there any way I can restart getting yahoo emails on my iPhone 8.

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