Reply To: Why Is My Linksys Router Blinking Orange?


James L. Hammer

A few days back, I had a similar problem with my Linksys n700 wireless router. I tried to fix the problem by myself. but somehow I was unable to fix it. so I had to contact Linksys router expert at Toll-free- 1800-301-8767. They helped me in fixing the problem.

When I called them, they asked me a few basic questions and given me the instructions to fix the problem.

Did you check the internet status on your modem? maybe you are getting blinking orange light on your Linksys router due to the ISP problem.

If your modem is dropping the connection. your router won’t be able to connect to the internet.

So as per my advice, you should check the internet status on your modem. If you have solid green internet light on your modem but flashing orange light on your Linksys wifi router only.

If you want to fix you instantly, You may contact Linksys router expert using the following details.

then you need to follow the instructions given below.

otherwise, you need to call your isp and ask them to replace your ISP modem.

  • Don’t forget to check the cable status. If you are using an old ethernet cable or your cable has a cut. you should try to replace that cable with the new cable and then check do you still face Linksys router blinking orange problem.
  • Do you have the latest version of firmware into your router? if your answer is no? You should go ahead and update the firmware immediately. you may find the latest firmware from linksys official website. 
  • After following all these instructions, If you still deal with Linksys router blinking orange problem. just go ahead and factory restores it.

Now configure your router again. It will start working fine.