Reply To: How does nebulizer work?


Philip Steuber

The nebulizer is not harmful things. It’s good for the lungs. A normal human should also nebulize his or her lungs.

Nebuliser works on low air pressure theory. First, need to know about nebulizer parts. A nebulizer machine contains main parts.

  1. Nebulizer motor pump
  2. Nebulizer pipe
  3. Nebulizer medicine container
  4. Nebulizer mask

1-Nebulizer Motor Pump:

It contains a high-pressure pump which produces exhaust air. The pump uses a piston system for producing air flow. This air comes through air filters.

2-Nebulizer pipe:

Nebulizer pipe connects pump and medicine container. Pipe use to drive air flow from nebulizer pump to medicine container.

3-Nebulizer medicine container:

It contains medicine which is required for disease. Medicine differs from patient to patient so don’t use the same medicine for other patients. Medicine vaporize with air flow and mix in it. Once the patient inhales this air medicine quick work on the disease.

4-Nebulizer mask:

It uses to inhale vapor medicine. See in the picture below-