Reply To: How do i know my RAM is faulty?


Ruthie Franecki

There are few procedures which indicate your RAM is not working or faulty. RAM is temporary memory which stores data till desktop is on. After turning off RAM erase all the stored data.

Once any system starts all the windows files places from the hard disk drive to RAM. Once all necessary files copied into RAM then system start displaying screen. So the first detection of faulty RAM is no display.

No display is mostly caused by RAM. If a spinning sound is coming from desktop and giving no display maximum chances of faulty RAM.

Turn off the system and open desktop case. Look at the motherboard there should be a long chip in the vertical form or plugged in the jack just like the image below.

There would be a notch on every corner of the jack. Slide both the jack and easily remove the RAM. Now clean RAM copper strip by using a pencil eraser or white paper although clean jack also using paper.

Plug it back in and lock the jack again. Turn on the computer and it will start properly. Still having the issue try to change the RAM.