Reply To: How To Fix Unable To Print Error 68 On Brother Printer?


Denise Schaefer

error code 68 on brother printer indicates the problem related to hardware. in this case, you try to troubleshoot your printer using the steps given below.


  • Turn off your brother printer by holding down the power button and wait for one minute, then turn it back on.
  • Now check if your printer is displaying an error on the screen or not? if it is not displaying the error, then you need to proceed for step 2.
  • If error gets changed into self-diagnosed option. you need to go ahead and diagnose the printer. using this guide: brother printer self-diagnose
  • But if your brother printer still continues showing you an error 68 unable to print. in this case, you need to contact brother printer support.

Step 2- 

leave your printer powered on for 15-20 minutes. now check, if your printer is showing you any kind of errors. you need to contact brother care.

If it does not show you any kind of error message. then you should try to print a printer test report. Let’s see what does it says.

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