Reply To: How to build a desktop pc at home?


Isidro Dooley

Building a desktop PC at home is very easy. You just need some technical knowledge. The good thing is each and every part is available easily online.

Nowadays every part of the desktop is just plugged and play. You no need any big technical knowledge. First, we need to know the basic parts of the computer so you can buy it.

Now there are some steps which need to follow one by one.

Step 1- Install Motherboard in the Cabinet:

Open side cover of the cabinet by unscrewing. Bring out the motherboard from the box and put inside the cabinet. Inside the motherboard box, you can see a screw packet. Open that packet screw the motherboard with the cabinet. See the picture below-Mother board installationStep 2- Installation of RAM and Processor into Motherboard:

Unbox the processor and put into processor slot. Close the slot properly and careful about processor direction. There must be a small triangle printed on the processor and processor slot on the motherboard. It indicates both the triangle print should be in the same place. See the picture below.

install processor

RAM installation is very easy you can check the answer from

Step 3- Installation of Hard Disk Drive:

Unpack the hard disk drive and install in the front alignment of the cabinet. Use the screw to fix it with the cabinet. See the picture below-

Hard drive installation


Step 4- Connection between Installed hardware:

You can see lots of wire are out from SMPS installed in the cabinet. You have to connect all those wires with the motherboard and other devices. See the picture below and connect those wires-Motherboard wire connections

Now your desktop is ready.