Reply To: Why Is My brother Printer Printing Blank Pages


Dashawn Stoltenberg

When your brother printer is printing blank pages. its problem can be due to several reasons.

  • Cartridge issue.
  • Communication default.
  • Printer hardware Issue.

First of all, you should try to reboot your brother printer and computer. right after that try to print something. let’s see if it printing or not.

Cartridge Issue-

Usually, people get blank pages, if there is no ink into your printer. So you should try to check the ink cartridge first, make sure you have ink into your printer.

If you have enough ink into your cartridge but still, it printing blank or black page, you need to remove the cartridge from your brother printer and clean the nozzle first.

Once you will clean the nozzle, let’s install it back again and then try to print something.

Printer communication error-  Basically it rarely happens but it can be also the reason behind brother printer printing blank pages.

When your printer is connected with a week signal network, or with the faulty USB cable they can disconnect the printer for a while. Result your printer will not get proper command and it will give you a blank page.

So do not forget to check the signal strength. If possible, try to disconnect your printer from the wifi and then reconnect it.

If you don’t know how to connect it you may visit: how to connect my brother printer to the wifi?

Hardware Problem – After following all these instructions, if your brother printer is still giving you blank pages.

I will suggest you call brother tech support and ask them for help. They will help you in troubleshooting the connection.