Reply To: Why Is My Netgear Router Blinking Orange Internet Light?


James L. Hammer

Getting a blinking orange light on netgear router is quite common for these days. this problem usually comes because of few causes.

  • Faulty Cable Connection.
  • Un-identified network connection.
  • Firmware issue.

Faulty Ethernet cable or Wrong Connection- 

personally speaking, i have seen people dealing with netgear router blinking orange problem due to the incorrect connection.

so you should look for the connection first, make sure they both are connected with each other properly.

your modem should be connected from yellow (that says Internet or WAN) port of the netgear router.

Also, try to replace the ethernet cable (that has been used for connecting the modem to the netgear router) with another cable.

let’s see if you get the blue light on your netgear wifi router or is it still solid amber light?

if you get solid blue or green light, then the problem was from the ethernet cable. once you have changed the ethernet cable. the problem has been automatically resolved.

Now keep your router connected to the modem via new cable.

Unidentified network Problem – 

you might face netgear router has solid amber light problem due to the unidentified network.

it happens, when your modem is not able to identify the router or connected to it.

in this case, you have to clone the mac address of your pc into your router and then try to connect your modem to the router.

to do the mac cloning , you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Open the netgear router setup page and go to advance settings.
  • Click on mac cloning and clone the mac address first.
  • once you will clone the mac address, you need to click on apply and ok.

Firmware Issue- 

in some cases, you might be getting solid orange or amber light due to the firmware issue. on your router. that’s why you should not forget to check for the firmware update.

if you find any update. you need to go ahead and update your netgear router firmware.

you can find the latest firmware update from netgear’s official website.

After following all these instructions, if your router is still not working fine. you need to reset it, and configure the netgear router once again.