Reply To: Why Is My Netgear Router Blinking Orange Internet Light?


Kay N. Grijalva

Let’s try the following steps.

  • Connect your Pc or laptop to the netgear router using Ethernet cable.
  • Open Netgear router admin page using the ip address or router’s ip address.
  • Type the username and password for your netgear router login.
  • Click on mac internet option.
  • Scroll down and use computer’s mac address.
  • Now click on apply changes.

Finally, your router will reboot itself, this process may take one minute.

Once your netgear router will restart. You should try to access the internet on it.

I am sure, you will get rid of Netgear router blinking orange problem.

In any case, if your netgear router still holds the flashing orange light. please let us know. We will reply it with the solution.