Reply To: How Do I Fix Sound Is Not Working On Asus Laptop?


Kay N. Grijalva

Are you having the sound problem on Asus laptop with any single application (VLC, Chrome), or it’s happening with every software?

If you are having the sound problem with any single application. it means the audio has been muted for that specific program. In that case, you have to unmute the sound.

  • Play a song or video on that specific software.
  • Click on the sound icon available in the taskbar.
  • Click Mixer option.
  • Now you will able to list of programs, that is using audio service. If you see a mute icon on your program, click on it to unmute it.

But if the sound is not working on any program. let’s try these options to fix sound not working the problem on Asus laptop.

  • Did you check the sound mute function? Maybe you have muted the sound by mistake. If you see the red X on the sound icon, you have to click on it to unmute it.
  • Try to raise the Volume and see, if you can hear any sound from your Asus laptop or not.
  • If you are still dealing with sound is not working the problem on your Asus laptop. you should try to update the sound driver into your laptop.