Reply To: How Do I Fix Sound Is Not Working On Asus Laptop?


Harold E. Claypool

If you own Asus laptop windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system. I will advise you to update the sound driver first by following the steps given below.

  • Right click on my computer icon (you will find it on the desktop. otherwise you can run devmgmt.msc command) and go to manage.
  • Click on yes.
  • Now Click on Device manager and expand the sound, video and game controller.
  • Right click on your audio driver and click on update.
  • Select automatically update and install the driver.

Finally, your laptop will start looking for the latest driver,  once it will find the best sound driver, it will automatically install it into your computer.

This process may take some time. so you need to wait for a while.

You may also look for the latest driver on asus official website.

After updating the sound driver, I am sure you will get rid of Asus laptop sound not working problem.