Reply To: Why Is My Netgear Router Blinking Orange Internet Light?


Billy E. Rael

How Old your netgear router is? Did you check for the firmware update yet? I was having netgear router blinking orange problem due to the outdated firmware.

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I did firmware update for my netgear. right after that, I got solid green light on my wifi router.

So I will suggest you to check for the firmware update once. To do that, You can go with the steps given below.

  • Connect your netgear wifi router to the PC.
  • Now Open the Browser and type : in the top address bar.
  • Now login to your netgear router admin panel. the default username and password for netgear router is: admin Password, click on ok.
  • Click on advance settings and go to administration.
  • Click on check update, now your router is being updated. it may take sometimes. So you need to wait for a while.
  • Once the firmware will be updated, your router will reboot itself and it will start working.

After doing the firmware update, I am sure you will get rid of netgear router blinking orange problem.