Fixing Apple Payment Method Has Been Declined?

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    Itzel Romaguera

    I was trying to make an Apple payment for my product. Each time shows the message “Apple payment has been declined please check the error”. My card is working fine also have enough credit.

    What could be the problem for payment decline for Apple payment?


    Lemuel VonRueden

    Most probably this problem occurs due to the wrong billing address. Billing information could be saved in your payment application if you have done any payment before. It is possible stored billing address is different from current card billing address.

    Users always ignore these type of billing address problem and start facing problem while making Apple payment. Please go to your application profile information and make sure you have a correct billing address.


    Anastasia Crist

    I have a problem with my saved old credit card. My old credit card is not working. Once I am trying to make payment it is showing payment method declined to check the payment mode again.

    I did call to apple support and they checked everything. The tech guy was also not able to find out where is the problem. In the last, he removed all my saved information and told me to fill the information again. At that time he noticed the saved previous card was visa and I am filling master. Now we recognized where was the problem.

    So I would like to say please check your card number and information once again. Might possible you have entered wrong information by mistake.

    It is also possible your card is not working. You can call your bank for the status update. If you don’t have any working card, you can also use your family member cards with permission.

    If you don’t want to bother anyone, please go and buy a gift card. The gift is very easy and secure for online payment. The prepaid card may also work but it must in the active condition. I am using prepaid for my any online transaction even also at secure apple payment.

    The second situation might possible that you don’t have enough amount in your card. Please check the balance in your card and also the bill amount.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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