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    Judy C. Battiste

    I have lost the sound from my Asus laptop. the last night, I was watching a movie. suddenly, I lost the sound from the laptop.

    I did try to replay the movie. but I didn’t get the sound. Also, I tried to play a video on youtube. but no luck.

    can you tell me, how can I fix Asus laptop sound not working problem?

    Kay N. Grijalva

    Also, I have some questions for you. Please answer them. So I can help you in troubleshooting the problem.

    1. Which Media Application Are you using(VLC media player, windows media player)?
    2. Did you check the mute function? You might have muted the laptop.

    To Un-mute the sound, You may follow the directions given below:

    1.    Click on the audio icon available in the taskbar.

    2.    Now click on the mixer option.

    3.    Do you see the mute image on any application like- vlc, real media player? If you yes, you need to click on it to unmute.

    Harold E. Claypool

    Generally, users are facing Asus laptop sound not working problem due to several reasons like-

    •  Speaker problem.
    •  Driver issue.
    •  Application problem.
      Now let me take you to the next step. Where you will get an opportunity to fix the Asus laptop audio problem.

    Unmute the sound first- 

    As Mr. Kay, Grijalva has already discussed the mute function. So first of all, you should unmute the sound on your laptop first.

    User speakers or earphone – 
    If you have an earphone or external speaker. You should install it with your laptop. Now try to play music. Let’s see if you can hear any sound or not. If you can really hear the sound.

    This means the problem is related to the speakers. In that case, you should replace the speakers.

    Fix Audio Settings or sound driver issue – 

    When you don’t get the sound from external speakers as well. It reveals the windows audio settings related problem.

    So firstly, you should start with reviewing the default audio settings on your Asus laptop. If everything looks fine there.
    You should uninstall the sound driver from the laptop and reinstall the latest version of the audio driver.

    Fix application problem- 

    If you don’t get the sound from a specific application, while you can hear the sound from other applications.

    it signifies you have muted the sound for that particular program. That’s why you are not receiving sound from your Asus laptop.

    In this situation, you need to visit the volume mixer and allow that particular program to play music.

    Judy C. Battiste

    If you are facing Sound is not working on Asus laptop windows 8 or windows 10 pc.
    It could be because of the presence of multiple sound drivers into your laptop.

    I did some research on the audio problem. there, I noticed whenever your laptop accepts an update from windows. It will also install the secondary audio drivers into the laptop sometimes.

    While you decide to play audio on your laptop, both drivers will clash with each other and it begins to the Asus laptop sound not working problem.

    so you should review the device manager. If you get two or more sound drivers available into your laptop, you should just uninstall all of them and later reboot your Asus laptop.

    Once your laptop will be rebooted, it will automatically place the best driver for itself.

    for uninstalling the sound driver from Asus laptop, you can follow the directions given below:

    1.    Right click on My computer icon and click on manage (you can also run devmgmt.msc to open the device manager).

    2.    Click on the computer management tab and click on device manager.

    3.    Now expand the sound, game and video controller option.

    4.    Choose your audio driver, right click on it and click on uninstall.

    5.    Verify the confirmation box and press the ok button.


    Mikaela M Tarr

    Let’s begin with setting up your internet speakers as a default speaker. to do that, you need to Click on the sound symbol presented in the bottom taskbar.

    Now click on the mixer button or link whatever you call it.

    Select the System sound option and click on the playback section.

    Pick your internet speaker as a default speaker.


    Now play the audio on your laptop. This will fix the Asus laptop sound not working problem.

    James L. Hammer

    May I know, which program are you using to play the audio on the Asus laptop? if you are playing it on the windows media player.

    I will suggest you play it on vlC or other media player.

    Maybe your video has high resolution or has a different video format.

    and windows media player might not be able to support it. that’s why you are going through Asus laptop no sound issue.

    Varun Tiwari

    I was having asus laptop no sound problem due to the audio jack issue.

    my audio jack was not connected to the motherboard properly.

    that’s why I was not getting the sound from the laptop.

    You should also check the audio jack on the laptop.

    James L. Hammer

    Laptop is automatically muting itself. I have not muted the sound anytime. Whenever I increase the volume, it goes down automatically.

    Why is this happening with my asus laptop?

    please help me in troubleshooting the issue?

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