How Do I Fix Sound Is Not Working On Asus Laptop?

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    Judy C. Battiste

    How to fix Asus Laptop audio has gone? I was editing my office video project and after installing new video editing software my Asus laptop audio has stopped working.

    I did uninstall that bad software but still dealing with same no volume problem.

    tell me how do i fix sound is not working on asus laptop problem by myself?


    Kay N. Grijalva

    Are you having the sound problem on Asus laptop with any single application (VLC, Chrome), or it’s happening with every software?

    I had an Asus Laptop and I called them for support before. They did fix my problem easily. I called them on Toll-free- [1-800-301-8767]. You should also call them.

    If you are having the sound problem with any single application. it means the audio has been muted for that specific program. In that case, you have to unmute the sound.

    • Play a song or video on that specific software.
    • Click on the sound icon available in the taskbar.
    • Click the Mixer option.
    • Now you will able to list of programs, that is using audio service. If you see a mute icon on your program, click on it to unmute it.

    But if the sound is not working on any program. let’s try these options to fix sound not working the problem on Asus laptop.

    • Did you check the sound mute function? Maybe you have muted the sound by mistake. If you see the red X on the sound icon, you have to click on it to unmute it.
    • Try to raise the Volume and see, if you can hear any sound from your Asus laptop or not.
    • If you are still dealing with sound is not working the problem on your Asus laptop. you should try to update the sound driver into your laptop.

    Harold E. Claypool

    If you own Asus laptop windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system. I will advise you to update the sound driver first by following the steps given below.

    • Right click on my computer icon (you will find it on the desktop. otherwise you can run devmgmt.msc command) and go to manage.
    • Click on yes.
    • Now Click on Device manager and expand the sound, video and game controller.
    • Right click on your audio driver and click on update.
    • Select automatically update and install the driver.

    Finally, your laptop will start looking for the latest driver,  once it will find the best sound driver, it will automatically install it into your computer.

    This process may take some time. so you need to wait for a while.

    You may also look for the latest driver on asus official website.

    After updating the sound driver, I am sure you will get rid of Asus laptop sound not working problem.


    Judy C. Battiste

    Do you have multiple sound drivers into your Asus laptop? If you have? You need to uninstall both of them and install the correct driver.

    • Open run box and type devmgmt.msc and click on ok. Now click on the sound controller.
    • Right click on your audio driver one by one and click on uninstall.
    • Check on OK.

    Remove all of them one by one and then reboot the Asus laptop.

    Once you will reboot the Asus laptop. Your Asus laptop will automatically install the best driver by itself. But somehow, if your Asus laptop is not installing the sound driver.

    You need to download the audio driver from asus website and install it manually.

    After performing all these steps, If the sound is not working on Asus laptop? please let us know. we will help you with some more techniques.


    Mikaela M Tarr

    Connect your earphone into earphone jack and play some sound or music. If you are getting sound in your ear-piece it means a problem with your internal speakers.


    James L. Hammer

    If you are using an external speaker or headphone into your Asus laptop. be sure, It is not loose at all.

    So Plug it out and replug it correctly.

    asus laptop sound not working, asus laptop audio problem, asus laptop no sound

    Right after this, You should select your external speaker as a default speaker and then try to play a song.

    Let me know If you are still going through Asus laptop sound not working problem.

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