How Do I Fix My Hair Dryer Is Not Blowing Hot Air?

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    Hope Spinka

    My hairdryer stop working and start blowing cold air even the hot button is on. Dryer fan is spinning but not producing warm air. How can fix hair dryer is not heating up the issue?


    Anastasia Crist

    If the dryer is not blowing warm air also cool air, it shows the problem is in the heating element. There is a heating element which heats the air and fan blow it out.

    The heating element is in the form of a small metal spring. There could be four or six pair of spring also connects with each other. It works like an electric heater. These springs heated up with electricity also consumes a high amount of electricity.


    James Corday

    You have to open your hair dryer and find out where is the problem. First, check external wire also plug which connects to the switchboard. If everything looks goods and there is no damage open your hair dryer.

    A hair dryer can open by unscrewing the screws. Once you will open it will look like something below image. Some dryer might look different but parts and connection would be the same.

    inside hair dryer open

    You have to closely see is there any mark of short circuit or burn inside it. Now plug in power switch and turn on. Using your tester check the current is going to your dryer switch.

    There are heating elements, turn on dryer switch carefully because the fan will start blowing air and those heating elements with the electric tester. Some times Thelma outlet stuck at disconnection position. Check that also.

    If everything looks good then might possible problem is also with an auto cut switch or heating elements. You have to replace one by one and check its working fine or not.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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