How Do I Fix Paper Jam Issue In Epson Printer?

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    Today, I am going through paper jam issue on my epson printer? If I try to print something, It just breaks the paper inside itself and gives me a broken paper.


    Billy E. Rael

    You can try the options given below to fix paper jam issue on Epson printer.

    • Power off the Epson printer.
    • Cancel all print jobs available in the print queue.
    • Remove the jammed paper gently. Do not try to remove it forcefully.
    • Now press the Copy button on your printer. To make a print again. let’s see if it is printing or not.
    • If the paper jam problem still continues? you need to lift the scanner and remove the paper if you find any inside the printer.

    Now power off your Epson printer completely and wait for one minute. power on your printer again. it will start working fine.


    Ollie O’Keefe

    Every paper has a specific width according to use. The printer has used some specific type of paper for printing. If you are going to use thinner or thicker, will create a problem.

    I would like to suggest using good quality and specified paper by printer model.


    Itzel Romaguera

    Moisture is a big problem in paper jam issue. Make sure your paper must be dry. If it is not dry printer roller will chew it and again you will face paper jam issue.

    Put the paper into the printer as much you have to print. Don’t leave inside the printer.

    The paper bundle must be packaged properly.

    If you have any office or frequently use of printing use warm bulb over the paper bundle to keep warm and dry.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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