How Do I Fix Something Went Wrong Error Message In Hotmail By Myself?

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    Billy E. Rael

    My hotmail account is giving me something went wrong error message since three days. it happens, when i hit the sign in button to enter into my hotmail account.

    When i get this error message, i get following error code.

    something went wrong and we coun’t complete your request.

    x-Clientld: TWSO – OOLB – OKWA – 0W2QAFWFXW
    X-OWA-Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Databasenotfound
    X-OWA Version: 15.1.403.16
    X-FEServer: CO2PR18CA0030
    X-BEServer: BN3PR1101MB1186
    Date: 22/9/2018 1:47:14AM

    i have tried to clear the browser cookies and then tried to log in again. but it did not work for me. also i tried to install another browser and then went to outlook account. but still giving me the same error.

    Now i am feeling helpless about how can i fix my hotmail account without getting into more trouble.


    Donato VonRueden

    when you fall into something went wrong problem in hotmail account. it can be due to the several reasons:

    • Browser is junky.
    • Outlook server problem.
    • Hotmail account needs an update.
    • Network Issue.

    here we are sharing some useful methods for fixing the hotmail account problem. you may go ahead and try to access the account using the instructions given into this account.

    • First of all, clean your web browsers. delete the history, cookies from your browser and then try to login to your account. now let’s see do you still get something went wrong error message?
    • Are you getting this error message on a single device only, or you are getting this error message on all devices? if you are getting this error message on a single device, this problem can be related to web browser. so you have to change the web browser. also update the java plugin.
    • if you have an email, you need to change the alias name of your email account. to create a new alias name with

    To create a new alias, you need to visit:

    • After changing the alias name, you need to login to your outlook account with the new alias name, let’s see if it working fine now or not.

    after following all these instructions, i am sure you will get rid of something went wrong error message.


    James L. Hammer

    I cannot sign into my live mail account on Apple macbook air. everytime, when i enter the username and password and press the enter button.

    it gives me something went wrong error message back in safari. can you tell me about how can i solve this issue.


    Brenda R. Guerro

    Hi James,

    Which version of safari browser are you using on your mac book air. If you have an old safari browser, outlook will not work on it anymore.

    due to that, you will get something went wrong error message.

    in this case, you have to install a new browser into your pc like- chrome or any other one. and then try to get into your outlook account. i am sure your email will start working fine.


    Mark C. Martin

    How Can I Change My Alias name on my hotmail account. i am having hotmail sign in problem? on other websites also, people are asking to convert the hotmail account into outlook account.

    But i really don’t know how to change alias name on my hotmail account? please tell me in details. thanks.


    Kay N. Grijalva

    To change the alias name, you need to follow the instructions given below.

    • Open your web browser and go to
    • Click on sign in button, and login with your email account.
    • Select your info from top menu, and go to manage how you sign into microsoft.
    • Now outlook (hotmail) will ask you to verify the account ownership. you need to go ahead and verify the account.
    • Now you will able to see account alias window, here you need to click on add email.
    • once you will click on add email, you will be redirected to create a new alias name for your email. so you need to type your username in the first section and choose for your email extension.
    • after doing all this you need to click on add alias.
    • Now you need to select your new alias name as a primary name.

    Finally your email alias will be created. you may go ahead and try to log into your hotmail account with new alias. i am sure your email will start working fine.


    Brenda R. Guerro

    Hi, why is my outlook site is being redirected to the other sites and showing something went wrong error message.


    Michael E Wilber

    I was using outlook offline in my windows 7 PC. I did upgrade my PC from windows 7 to windows 10. Once I did configure my outlook it is giving “something went wrong with your outlook please check the connection”.

    I did try to install my PST backup which I have taken from windows 7 but it couldn’t and gave some error message.

    What should I do?

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