How Do I Remove MacKeeper From MacBook? MacKeeper Removal

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    Zyan Herzog

    I don’t know from where I got mac keeper in my mac book and its popping up every time. It is very irritating. 

    I have noticed that my Mac book is started working slow. How can I uninstall mac keeper from my mac book?


    Stephen N Delatorre

    Removing mackeeper is not a big deal. Most of the user is not familiar with uninstalling any application from MacBook. Just follow the simple methods below-

    Find Application folder in your MacBook and open it.
    move cursor on mackeeper icon. Now drag and drop into trash icon.
    If you are login with your administrator account otherwise it will ask the administrator password.
    One more notification box will open and ask to confirm before uninstalling the mackeeper from MacBook.
    Once you will click ok, the uninstalling process will start.


    Joyce M Cody

    Firstly you have to sign in your Mac as root administration permission. If it is your own personal MacBook, it is possible you are already administration login.

    Many User and developers say Mac Keeper is poorly developed software. Their developer tries very hard to make it better. So it requires you to remove Mac Keeper completely.

    Mac requires you to Quit MacKeeper first before deleting. If it is not closed, you can get a message saying: “The item “MacKeeper” cannot be removed because it’s open”.

    Again, a warning: if you have used MacKeeper’s encryption feature, be sure to unencrypt before you uninstall MacKeeper.

    You must also check any personal files are stored in /Documents/MacKeeper are Backups.


    Javier Brown

    Just drag and drop into the trash. I did also remove my Mackeeper like that.


    Itzel Romaguera

    There are lots of third-party application are available in the market. That application can also remove mac keeper but I will suggest you don’t go with them. Use manual uninstallation of mackeeper.

    • First of all, open applications and go to utilities > activity monitor and terminate processes linked to MacKeeper.
    • Remove installed MacKeeper also from the applications folder.
    • Go to System Preferences and then hence accounts> Login Items for MacKeeper and delete from Login Items.
    • Run a search for “MacKeeper” to check any linked file and as a result found, remove them.
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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