How do i verify my Apple ID if can’t access verification code?

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    Blanca Bergnaum

    I lost my iPhone and want to change my password for security. For changing password its sending verification message to my phone number which is stolen.

    Now the question is there is any way to verify verification code?


    Bianka Mitchell

    Apple customer care can provide your Apple id verification over the phone. If you have your phone nearby you can solve your problem by calling them. You can contact their customer service desk at-  Apple Support


    Isidro Dooley

    You can use alternate email verification if the mobile phone is not available. Once you had created Apple id, it asked an email for recovery.

    Use that recovery email for recovering your Apple Id or verifying Apple Id.



    I had the same incident with my iPhone 6. At that time I was in college. Someone has stolen my iPhone 6.

    I have to buy a new phone but at that time I have created a new Apple id because I can’t get the verification code on my phone number.

    I hope by this question I can learn also how to verify Apple id.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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