How To Add AOL Mail Account On Outlook 365?

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    Judy C. Battiste

    I just bought a new office 365 setup from best buy. Can anyone tell me how can I setup my  aol account into outlook?


    Gertrude Smitham

    Well, you can easily set up your aol account on your outlook using the tricks given below:

    1. let’s install and activate the outlook first.
    2. Now open the outlook, and follow the steps again.
    3. Click on files, new and then set up the account.
    4. Now you need to type your name, your email address, and password.
    5. Now click on manual setup or server type and click next.
    6. Here, you will reach to the next window, just type your email address and password again.
    7. Choose the incoming server type as Imap:  and type the server address:
    8. It’s a time to enter the outgoing server address. here you need to type your server address as
    9. Now you need to type the username and password for your aol email account.
    10.  After typing the username and password, you need to click on advanced settings.
    11. Here you need to type the server port no. for incoming and outgoing server. after entering the port number. you need to click on done. your account will be successfully added.

    Kaitlin Lueilwitz

    I am unable to configure my aol account on outlook 2013. every time, when I try to connect to the aol mail server. It gives me login error.

    Can you tell me what should i do to fix this problem?


    Lenora K. Yager

    We have already discussed this problem. you can simply visit: how to fix aol email login problems? 

    You will get the solution for it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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