How to fix AOL 5 error code?

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    Mack Manuel

    Unable to resolve this error code 5 in my AOL account. Everytime its showing Error code 5 while receiving or sending AOL emails.

    How do I solve the AOL 5 error code?


    Tammy R Fauver

    AOL error code 5 or BLERK! ERROR 5 is not a big problem. It is just a temporary issue if when AOL won’t load emails from AOL server. So no need to panic.

    This BLERK! ERROR 5  happens often and also can fix by following a few simple steps.

    Just close all of your open browsers and restart again. Now open and type your username and password again. Most of the time it will restart your AOL email.

    The browser saves cookies and cache time to time for better performance. Sometimes it saves any bad cookies or saves cookies got corrupted. In this situation simply refresh or rest your browser.

    If you have any antivirus also scan your browser history. After clearing all the save cache and cookies try to log in once again and I hope this time it will work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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