How To Fix My Hp Printer is Offline Problem? HP Printer Says Offline Windows 10

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    My hp printer is offline for two days. I have tried to access it via a few computers. Every time I give print command.

    It gives me an error message, says hp printer is offline.

    Can you tell me the best way to fix the hp says offline error?


    Prof. Sibyl Pfannerstill

    Generally, People go through the hp printer says offline problem due to the network communication problem.

    So First you should check the network status. Be sure your printer is installed within the network area.

    The signal strength must be good.

    For more assistance, you can contact Hp printer expert at toll-free 1800-301-8767


    Judy C. Battiste

    Here is the list of basic reasons behind hp printer says offline problem:

    1. Communication issue.
    2. Driver issue.
    3. Printer Firmware Issue.

    If your hp printer keeps going offline. you should follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

    Check connection – 

    You should always start troubleshooting the printer connection by checking the connection between printer and computer.

    • If you are using your hp printer as a local printer. you should disconnect the USB cable from your pc and then reconnect it. Let’s see it does detect the connection or not.
    • If you are using a network printer. You should disconnect the printer from the wifi and reconnect it again.
    • Be sure, your printer and computer should be connected through the same networks. mostly, people face hp printer is an offline problem due to the different network connection issue.

    Power Cycle your Gadgets- 

    • Check the printer power light status. If it is showing Orange or yellow. it means, your printer is in the sleep mode. in this case, you have to press the power or home button to wake up your printer.
    • Disconnect the power cord from your printer and shut down your computer as well. Now, wait for one minute, and then Power on your printer first.
    • Now turn on your computer and then make a test print. let’s see if it is printing or still giving you the offline error.

    Itzel Romaguera

    I own an old hp envy printer. it has a broken screen. recently I have to change my network password.

    is there any way to update the network password on my printer.

    if yes! how can I do so?


    Javier Brown

    We have a separate topic on this subject. you can simply visit: how can I connect hp printer to the wifi. there you will find help to fix the problem.


    Joshua K. Collins

    Did you use the hp scan doctor?

    Have you tried hp scan doctor to fix hp printer is offline problem? If not yet.

    You should try it once to detect the real cause behind hp printer says offline problem.

    Once you will determine the error code. you should click on fix it automatically. it will go forward and try to fix the problem for you.

    You can find this software from hp official website.

    if you want to download it right now. you can click on the link available below.



    Bianka Mitchell

    You have already gotten the effective tricks to fix the hp printer offline problem. but still I am sharing some knowledge with you. maybe this can also help you?

    • Begin with rebooting your devices. you should power off your router and printer and then power it back on.
    • Check the network connection between your printer and driver.
    • Set up your printer as a default printer.

    marlene D.

    If you are still encountering hp printer is offline problem. I would suggest you go forward and follow the steps given below.

    Reboot the printer pool services – 

    1. Cancel all print jobs available in the queue.
    2. Now open the run box and type services.msc command.
    3. Scroll Down and click on print spooler.
    4. On the top left side, you will get a button, you need to click on restart.

    Set up the printer as a default printer-

    Setup your printer as a default printer. To do that, you need to follow the given steps.

    1. Go to the computer panel and click on devices and printers.
    2. Right click on your printer and click on set as default.

    After using these tricks if the problem still continues, you need to right click on your printer icon again and remove the check from use printer offline option.

    So I hope this will help you in resolving hp printer says offline problem.


    Javier Brown

    just uninstall the printer driver from your pc and install it once again. it will fix the problem.

    1. Go to program and features (control panel >> program and features)
    2. Find your hp printer driver and click on Uninstall button.
    3. Now you will get the hp-setup window. here you need to confirm the uninstall process and then follow the process.
    4. Once your printer will be uninstalled successfully. you need to reboot your computer once.
    5. After rebooting your pc, it’s a time to install the latest hp driver. so download the latest driver from hp official website.
    6. Now run the setup to install the printer.

    Once you will install the printer successfully, you will get rid of hp printer is offline problem.


    John Taylor

    Thank you for sharing the good steps about how to fix hp printer offline problem. It worked for me.


    Michael E Wilber

    It is obvious you will get offline your printer because your printer was connected with Windows 7, not 10. After installation, all the connection information removes with windows 7.

    Now you have to install printer driver once again in windows 10 operating system. Once the driver would install need to make a connection between computer and printer.

    Also, read more steps for HP printer installation from

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