How To Keep Laptop’s Battery Life In Good Condition?

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    Blanca Bergnaum

    I bought a second battery in two years for my laptop. Is there any way I can increase the life of my laptop’s battery?


    Alphonso Kassulke

    There are few important points which can increase the life of your laptop battery. I am sharing these points below-

    • Maximum use of battery decreases the life of a battery. Avoid Maximum use of the battery. Dim your laptop brightness, don’t run maximum commands at a time.
    • Never do overcharge your battery. If laptop indicator shows the battery is full unplug the charger.
    • Once in a week fully discharge your battery and then do a full charge. It will activate all the parts and chemicals inside from the battery.
    • Avoid using different-different chargers for charging. It decreases the life of the battery.
    • Don’t make it fall your battery from anywhere. The battery is made up of many small-small cells. Falling may be damage any cell.



    Bianka Mitchell

    Laptop battery made up of cells. Usually, 6 or more than six cells combine in a series and form a shape of the battery.

    Each battery combines and makes a big power source. This power is enough for running a laptop.

    A battery life depends upon cells life and cell depends on the chemical base. Every cell is made up of chemicals. These chemicals complete a chemical reaction and produce a small amount of energy.

    It’s just like a transformation of energy from chemical to electric. This reaction decay the characteristic of chemicals. If we don’t use the battery it decays slowly but decays.

    So, every battery has a fixed life period. We can increase it by not using but never can stop to decay.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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