What are the benefits of the Neem plant?

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    Dashawn Stoltenberg

    My father is asking me to plant a neem tree in the garden. I don’t know what is it and is it beneficial?

    If I have decided to plant, from where can I get this tree?


    Bianka Mitchell

    Neem is one of the trees which root to top everything is very usable. Its leaf, wood, oil, flower, each and every product are best antibacterial repellent.

    Neem is easily growing a tree and doesn’t need any specific weather. It is usually available in Asia and north countries which has tropical climates.

    Neem uses in the manufacture of many medicines. You have to surprise by knowing some companies uses neem into their diabetic medicine.

    It is very helpful in chicken pox. It protects from spreading chickenpox between patient belonging and area or city.



    Isidro Dooley

    Neem is one of the best natural product for killing bacteria. Few people use its green and soft stick for cleaning teeth.

    Many toothpaste companies also use neem as ingredients in their products. One of the big names in toothpaste industry also using neem into their paste.


    Ollie O’Keefe

    Neem oil is one of great liquid by itself. It can be used in many ways. As we know Neem has anti fungal and anti bacterial quality.

    Uses of Neem Oil-

    1. Neem protects the skin and fights against skin disease. Neem oil has a good amount of carotenes and antioxidants which protect skin against the skin radicals such as wrinkles and age spots.
    2. Neem oil works as a good anti-dandruff liquid. Applied oil on head and hair before a bath. It kills the lice.
    3. It is good for plant infection. Neem oil protects from insects if we spray on plant leaves once in a month.

    Blanca Bergnaum

    Neem is one the best blood cleanser. If someone will start drinking neem water every day, reduces sugar count from the blood. So it is one the best natural medicine for diabetes.

    Neem contains a components gedunin which is highly effective against malaria and mosquito. If we put a drop of Neem oil or some leaves in the stored water, would never laying eggs of mosquito.

    Extracts of neem leaves and seeds are very effective on pain, anti-inflammatory and fever reducing compounds. This Neem extracts help in healing cuts, wounds, earaches, sprains, and headaches.

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