Why Apple Product's Price is So High?

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    Lemuel VonRueden

    Respectively comparison from other competitors why Apple product prices are very high. Is there any strategy?  😱


    Kay N. Grijalva

    Apple product quality is much better than any other products in the market. Every single product has to pass security checkup. This is the brand on which you can believe nowadays.


    Zyan Herzog

    Apple doesn’t compromise with its quality that’s one the most affordable reason for the high price.

    Apple always launched something new in technology and its charge for that. After a few days of launching other brands tries to copy its technology.

    If you are talking about smartphone or Siri. If you are going to check the history of any Apple product, you can find it was unique at that time.

    According to Apple doesn’t charge enough according to its features.


    Bryce Kutch

    Apple designed not only hardware even software. Their software is remarkable best and passes many hard tests.

    Another hand android or other brands work on the free Android platform. Might be this is one reason why Apple products are expensive.


    Anastasia Crist

    Apple is the only company which reverses back its damage products and gave you a new one always.

    Just like your iPhone screen has been broken due to any reason. Usually, other companies change the screen and charge you new screen cost+repairing cost.

    Your phone will start working again, but it would be the same one. Here Apple is better than others.

    If you are going to repair your broken screen in the Apple store, it won’t repair the same one. Apple will charge you broken screen cost and give you a new piece of phone.

    Apple will take your old phone + Screen cost and will give you a new phone. This will save your time and you will get a new product.


    Philip Steuber

    There is a rule in the business. Product prices hike if demand increase or product out of stock. In the case of Apple, it also applies.

    Steve Jobs was a great businessman along with the technician. He has created demand from the market.

    One more reason for Apple product price hike is no matched product till now. Products available in the market doesn’t match the quality of Apple and that’s why it charges high.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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