Why Does My Aol Old Mail Disappeared?

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    I lost my emails from aol account. they were in my account until yesterday. But suddenly aol mail disappeared.

    Is any way to recover aol missing emails?


    Johnny L. Gruber

    Whenever you are unable to see your old emails on your email account. you should check the webmail mail properly.

    Maybe you have moved your emails somewhere by mistake. Also, check the recent activity on your account.

    If you find any kind of unauthorized activity to your account. it shows somebody has access to your AOL account and they have deleted the emails purposely.

    In that case, you can contact to AOL Email expert at Toll-Free- 1800-301-8767. they will go ahead and recover the deleted emails.



    Rufus N. Mackenzie

    Recently, My AOL mail disappeared automatically from the inbox. I checked my other folders but couldn’t find them.

    Later I recognized  My emails were moving to the spam folder automatically. it was because of email filter settings.

    So I had killed the filters from my AOL account and restore all AOL emails inside the inbox again.

    So you should also try to check your folders. Perhaps you have got your emails there?


    Gertrude Smitham

    Did you review the trash and junk folder on your AOL account?

    Also, review the recent action on your AOL Mail settings. did you spot anything unusual there?

    If you discover any irregular login activity on your AOL account. it indicates, someone made entry into your AOL account, and they have deleted the emails secretly.

    However, the good news is: you can still retrieve your removed emails.

    all you have to do, just talk to the AOL mail staff and ask them to recover the deleted emails.

    Also, you need to remember, AOL Staff can restore your email 30 days older emails only.

    If your AOL emails are missing for more than 30 days.

    it would be permanently deleted from AOL server as well. then they won’t be able to recover the emails for you.


    Tyrel Hartmann

    Some of my AOL mail folders are missing from iPhone, While they all are available in the AOL web mail.

    So Can you please assist me in the recovery of AOL mail missing email folders?


    James L. Hammer

    Hi Tyrel!

    Mostly, people suffer from AOL mail folder missing issue on their phones due to the following causes.

    1. Their Phone is not able to sync with the AOL server properly.
    2. They have configured their account with the pop3 server.

    Now let me take you forward to how can you recover your AOL mail missing emails or folders on iphone.

    1. check syncing issue-  So here, you are going to sync your iPhone to the AOL mail server manually using the following instruction:
    • Go to the settings on your phone.
    • Click on mail account’s and settings
    • Now tap on the mail option and Hit the sync button available on the top.
    • Here your iPhone will start syncing to the aol mail ultimately. This process may take some time. within this period, if you get any kind of send & receive an error or it stuck into the syncing process. this problem could be related to the account setup.

    Apparently, you have not configured your account with the required information that’s why your iPhone is missing aol mail folders.

    in that situation, you have to delete the aol mail account from your phone and re-add it applying the accurate information.

    2. POP server issue (very usual basic reason for aol mail missing emails or folders issue)-

    I can say this with full confidence. if you have configured your AOL account on phone using POP3 server. this will point you to the aol mail disappeared problem.

    Do you understand why?

    Because POP3 Server can sync the default folders only. If you have created any manual folder into your email account. it will not come into the iPhone.

    According to me, you should switch your mail incoming server. start using the AOL mail on your iPhone using the IMAP server.

    your problem will be resolved.



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