Why Does My Hp Printer Won't Print?

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    Sue A. Davis

    I am struggling with hp printer won’t print issue from my windows computer. At the same time, it is printing fine from mac pc or smart phones.


    marlene D.

    Can you tell us, what is the error do you get in revert when you try to print something from your windows computer ?

    So we can help you better.

    During that time, you may also try the following steps:

    • Open the print queue window.
    • Cancel All Print Services.
    • Power off the hp printer & Computer for one minute and then power them back on.
    • Now Wait For 3 Minutes, So your printer and computer can communicate with each other.

    Once you will get the blue or green light on your hp printer. You should try to print something from your windows computer.


    Sue A. Davis

    When I tries to print something from my windows computer. It is giving me two different error messages.

    Sometimes, It is showing Unable to print & sometimes it shows hp printer won’t print due to the communicate problem.

    Also, I tried the steps given by you. Yes! I can see solid green light on my printer. but still not printing.


    Brenda R. Guerro

    When you get unable to print error from your hp printer. It can be due to the few causes:

    •  Communication Problem
    • HP Printer is offline.
    • Driver Issue.

    Here are some steps to fix the hp printer is not printing problem:

    Communication Problem – Make sure your printer and windows 10 pc is in the same network.

    if they both are connected from the different network. you need to go ahead and connect them with the same network. for brief information you may visit:

    how to connect hp printer to the wifi. 

    To check the printer communication problem. you may also run hp scan doctor tool .

    Driver issue- 

    Sometimes, hp printer won’t print from windows 10 pc due to the outdated driver or some other issues.

    so you should uninstall the printer driver from your printer, and download the latest driver from hp official website.

    After downloading the printer software, you should try to install hp printer again. i am sure, it will start will start working fine.


    Billy E. Rael

    As far I can understand, there is a communication problem between your printer and windows computer. That’s why your hp printer is not printing any paper.

    So will suggest you visit : hp printer is saying offline and follow the steps given there. I am sure this will fix the problem.

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    Joshua K. Collins

    Recently, I was going through hp printer, not printing issue due to the cartridge problem. I own an Hp Deskjet printer.

    I was unable to print from my printer just because my cartridge was not installed correctly.

    I removed the ink cartridge from my hp printer and install it into it back again.

    Right after that, my printer has started working fine.

    That’s why I Would like to Suggest you remove the ink cartridge for once and Install it again.

    I hope this will resolve “hp printer won’t print” problem for you as well.


    Dashawn Stoltenberg

    I had tried everything but won’t able to print through my Hp printer. I am a tech savvy guy but I was failed that day.

    Finally, I called a professional guy at home he charged me for solving the problem. I asked him where was the problem and I got surprised.

    My printer connection wire was broken from internally. It happens if something heavy objects placed on it. My wire got punctured by my own chair wheel.

    So, if nothing works try to change hp printer connection wire also. Might possible it will work.

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