Why Is My Netgear Router Blinking Orange Internet Light?

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    Sue A. Davis

    Can anyone help me in troubleshooting the netgear router is blinking orange problem? here is my brief details.

    I live in New york, but my home town is in texas. there I go for 2 or 3 days in a month. i have complete network setup in my texas home as well. i am big fan of netgear wireless routers. which i am using it in texas and new york both places.

    now coming to the main problem.

    Today, i came to texas for 3 days. so i cleaned my home and tried to turn on my wifi. i can connect my devices with my netgear router.

    but not getting the internet on any gadgets. I have checked my router lights, there i have found flashing orange light or you can say blinking yellow light.

    Now tell me how can i fix my netgear wireless router?


    John N. Ellis

    What color of light can you see on your ISP modem? is it blue or orange?

    A few days ago, I had similar issues with my Netgear router. That time, I called Netgear router expert at Toll- free [1800-301-8767]they fixed it instantly. You should also call them once.

    if you have an orange one, then it indicates, this problem belongs to your ISP. there is nothing wrong with your Netgear router. in that case, you have to call them and ask them to fix the problem. they will send a guy to troubleshoot the internet connection.

    But somehow, if you manage to get the blue or green light on your modem, but only your Netgear router is blinking orange.

    Then you need to check the internet connection first. you need to unplug the router from the modem and replug it.

    after that, you need to power cycle your router and modem once.

    If your Netgear router is still giving you flashing amber light yet, you need to factory restore your router and reconfigure it.

    after doing this, your router will start working fine.


    James L. Hammer

    Getting a blinking orange light on netgear router is quite common for these days. this problem usually comes because of few causes.

    • Faulty Cable Connection.
    • Un-identified network connection.
    • Firmware issue.

    Faulty Ethernet cable or Wrong Connection- 

    personally speaking, i have seen people dealing with netgear router blinking orange problem due to the incorrect connection.

    so you should look for the connection first, make sure they both are connected with each other properly.

    your modem should be connected from yellow (that says Internet or WAN) port of the netgear router.

    Also, try to replace the ethernet cable (that has been used for connecting the modem to the netgear router) with another cable.

    let’s see if you get the blue light on your netgear wifi router or is it still solid amber light?

    if you get solid blue or green light, then the problem was from the ethernet cable. once you have changed the ethernet cable. the problem has been automatically resolved.

    Now keep your router connected to the modem via new cable.

    Unidentified network Problem – 

    you might face netgear router has solid amber light problem due to the unidentified network.

    it happens, when your modem is not able to identify the router or connected to it.

    in this case, you have to clone the mac address of your pc into your router and then try to connect your modem to the router.

    to do the mac cloning , you need to follow the instructions given below.

    • Open the netgear router setup page and go to advance settings.
    • Click on mac cloning and clone the mac address first.
    • once you will clone the mac address, you need to click on apply and ok.

    Firmware Issue- 

    in some cases, you might be getting solid orange or amber light due to the firmware issue. on your router. that’s why you should not forget to check for the firmware update.

    if you find any update. you need to go ahead and update your netgear router firmware.

    you can find the latest firmware update from netgear’s official website.

    After following all these instructions, if your router is still not working fine. you need to reset it, and configure the netgear router once again.


    Kay N. Grijalva

    Let’s try the following steps.

    • Connect your Pc or laptop to the netgear router using Ethernet cable.
    • Open Netgear router admin page using the ip address or router’s ip address.
    • Type the username and password for your netgear router login.
    • Click on mac internet option.
    • Scroll down and use computer’s mac address.
    • Now click on apply changes.

    Finally, your router will reboot itself, this process may take one minute.

    Once your netgear router will restart. You should try to access the internet on it.

    I am sure, you will get rid of Netgear router blinking orange problem.

    In any case, if your netgear router still holds the flashing orange light. please let us know. We will reply it with the solution.


    Billy E. Rael

    How Old your netgear router is? Did you check for the firmware update yet? I was having netgear router blinking orange problem due to the outdated firmware.

    netgear router blinking orange, netgear router flashing orange

    I did firmware update for my netgear. right after that, I got solid green light on my wifi router.

    So I will suggest you to check for the firmware update once. To do that, You can go with the steps given below.

    • Connect your netgear wifi router to the PC.
    • Now Open the Browser and type : in the top address bar.
    • Now login to your netgear router admin panel. the default username and password for netgear router is: admin Password, click on ok.
    • Click on advance settings and go to administration.
    • Click on check update, now your router is being updated. it may take sometimes. So you need to wait for a while.
    • Once the firmware will be updated, your router will reboot itself and it will start working.

    After doing the firmware update, I am sure you will get rid of netgear router blinking orange problem.



    Donato VonRueden

    Hey ! can you tell me why am I going through netgear router orange light problem? I just started suddenly.

    As far troubleshooting, I have tried to fix the problem using the above steps but it didn’t worked for me.

    I tried to open the router setup page or you can call it admin page. but it is not opening for me. whenever I am entering the ip address for my router, which is : 169.125.x.x

    It shows this webpage is not available.

    Why is my this problem coming to me, and how can I fix netgear router blinking orange problem?



    Many of us face this problem with our router, don’t worry I got the solution to fix this issue with your Netgear router.

    Key point:- some times it may be an issue with your ISP side. So call your internet service provider(ISP) to check your internet

    An orange light on the Netgear Router occurs due to a connectivity problem.

    In order to avoid this issue check for the connection problem.

    1. unplug the power cable to turn off your modem and wait for 2 minutes.
    2. connect the modem to router with an ethernet cable.
    3. connect the computer to the router using the one more Ethernet cable.
    4. Power up your modem and Router by plugging in its power supply.

    After that start with a proper restart. Restart your modem and wait for a minute and then restart your Netgear router.

    check your modem and router light, if your internet light seems on and working, try connecting to the internet using your computer.

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