Why is My Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?Unable to Receive mail outlook


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Today’s question has been asked by Lara from Brazil, here question is, why is my hotmail not receiving emails, while my husband’s account is working perfectly fine.

Well, this issue is quite common for these days. Every day, there are so many users complaining about hotmail not getting emails problems and looking for the solution.

hotmail not receiving emails, unable to receive emails on outlook

Actually, this problem comes because of few common reasons such as incorrect email settings, incoming or outgoing server are not responding, or emails have been blocked.

Today, in this article we are sharing the instructions on how to fix hotmail mail not receiving emails problem. so anyone from you, unable to receive emails on Hotmail, I will suggest you follow the instructions given in this article.

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How to Fix hotmail not receiving emails problem –

  1. Before troubleshooting your account, first, you need to make sure that outlook / hotmail server is up and working fine. if outlook server is down,

To check the server status, you may call on outlook helpline or visit is outlook down?

  1. If you are unable to receive emails from any specific account. it can be because of email address has been blocked. In that case, you need to go to settings and unblock the email account to start receiving the emails again.
  2. Another reason behind hotmail not receiving emails is incorrect server configuration. This problem usually comes, when you configure your hotmail account into any application with invalid port number or authentication type for your hotmail server.
  3. Did you check the email forwarding settings? Sometimes, people are unable to receive emails in hotmail account because their emails are being forward to another email address.

So you should check the email forwarding settings,

Some advance tips to resolve outlook not receiving emails-

If you have followed above steps. but still going through the same problem, I will suggest you follow the instructions given below:

  • You should check the email filter settings once. If you have created any filter, you should check their redirection and other settings as well.
  • In some cases, people are unable to receive emails into their outlook account because of outlook problems. So you need to check the outlook settings and make sure your email is working perfectly fine.

After following all these instructions, I am sure your account will start working fine.

if you are still having any other problem, please leave a comment below, we will reply it with the solution.

Thank you.

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