How To Fix Can’t Sign Into Hotmail / Outlook

 Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail Sign In Problem?

Are you having Microsoft outlook/ hotmail sign in problem or login problem?  do not worry, today’s article is about how to fix outlook problems. So read this article and follow the techniques to fix the problem.

hotmail sign in problem


When you are having login problem in your Microsoft outlook account.

it can be because of few reasons such as incorrect login information, application problem or server problem.

So before, you will go ahead and try to fix the problem.

first of all, you should try to check the server status.

Make sure the hotmail server is working fine, there is no problem from the server side.

Techniques to fix outlook / Hotmail Log in problem:

If the server is working fine, but still you are going through the same problem, I will suggest you follow the instructions given below.

  1. Try to open your hotmail account into other browsers or browsers let’s see are you still getting the same problem.
  2. You need to be sure about hotmail account login information, most of the time, people are having hotmail sign in problem just because of the incorrect email address or password for Microsoft outlook account.

If you have any doubt about email or password, I will suggest you reset hotmail password using the hotmail account recovery method.

  1. If you are having hotmail sign in problem on your phone or tablet, please make sure you are using latest email application. if your email application is outdated, then I will suggest you update it immediately. After updating the email application, you should try to login into your outlook / hotmail account again. I am sure this will work fine now.
  2. If you are having hotmail sign in problem with your outlook application or any other third party application like- lotus, windows live mail etc. the problem can be related to the incoming & outgoing server.

That’s why you need to verify the server information carefully.

if possible, I will suggest you reset the account and reconfigure it.

After following these instructions I am sure you will get rid of can’t sign into hotmail problem.

if you have any other problem, you may leave the comment below. We will reply it with the solution.

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13 thoughts on “How To Fix Can’t Sign Into Hotmail / Outlook

  1. I am unable to sign into my outlook account, tried to login it with multiple time on multiple devices, but it is saying, incorrect username or password.
    I know, i am typing the correct password but still going through same problem, can anyone tell me, why can’t i sign into outlook account and how can i fix it?

  2. I am a Hotmail account user since 10 years, and i really loved their service. recently, i created a new outlook account for my professional use and it was working fine until 7th may.
    but, now my both accounts are not working, When i click on sign in button, it is displaying something went wrong error message on my computer.
    So first, I thought the problem can be related to my computer, so I tried to log in to another computer, but still giving me same error message. Can someone tell me, how can i fix hotmail sign in problem?

  3. About two days back, I changed the username and password for my hotmail account. but now I can’t sign into hotmail account either with new password or old password.

  4. I can’t sign into outlook account since this morning, I tried to log in it with different ways but still getting the same error message.

  5. Why am i having hotmail sign in problem on my apple macbook pc. while it is working fine on my computer.

  6. I am having hotmail sign in problem on my iphone X. each time, when i try to sign into hotmail account. it is saying incorrect username or password. error message.
    I am pretty sure, i know my password and i am typing it correctly. but still it won’t allow me to sign in.

  7. I can’t sign into hotmail account on microsoft outlook 2013 in windows 10 pc. while i can sign in, if i try to login to my email using web browser.
    Why am i having login problem with hotmail??

  8. I am unable to sign into outlook account, it is keep asking me for username and password for my account. why??

  9. Hope, outlook will start working fine soon. i am going through same problem since three days.

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