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Hotmail is an free email web service founded by Mr. sabeer Bhatia. later he sold this email to microsoft. so now the microsoft is solely owner of hotmail.

It is very popular email service all over the world. in 2015, Microsoft has converted hotmail and their other email services like- MSN mail, live mail etc. into but the migration of the emails did not go well till now. every day, there are so many people. who is complaining for email problems?

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Most of the people, people are reporting for following hotmail problems:

These are few basic reasons behind users are going through every day.

Is outlook / Hotmail down

If you are also going through any of these errors, it can be because of hotmail server down problem. so you should check the server status and make sure it is running up and fine.

To check the server status, you may visit: is Hotmail down?

Here you can see the server status. also, you can report for email problems.

When you go through any kind of problem-related to your hotmail, do not think, it is from the server side.

Because sometimes, the problem can be related to user settings as well. so do not forget to check the email settings.
but if the problem is related to hotmail server side,  you should not worry about anything at all. because once the server will be up and working fine. your problem will be automatically Resolve.

So do not worry, just wait for a while, let the server up, if you need any other help, you may call outlook support number and they will fix the problem for you. Anthony Sherman Jersey

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