Something Went Wrong Error In Hotmail Account

” This article includes the steps about how to fix something went wrong problem in hotmail / outlook. “

Something went wrong error message is one of most common error message these days. every day, there are so many users reporting for this problem.

something went wrong

We can’t get that information right now. Please try again later.
cId: 04BEE57E8A1741D384F40BAB17DA6F09
app: Mail
st: 500
reqid: undefined
wsver: undefined
efe: undefined
ebe: undefined
et: ClientError
esrc: Bootstrap
err: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'Owa.mail.bootstrapMailModule')
estack: runBootstrap@
global code@
ts: 1/25/2018 12:14:48 PM

people get this error message, right after clicking on sign in button. if we talk about the root cause of this problem. i will say, there can be many reasons behind something went wrong problem in Hotmail account.

Sometimes, it is related to hotmail / outlook server. but sometimes, there can other issues behind this problem.

today in this post, we will disqus about why are you are getting something went wrong error message and how can you fix it.

So read this post until the end and follow the steps to fix “something went wrong problem” in outlook account.

Reasons behind something went wrong error in hotmail

  • Need to update the account.
  • Browser issue.
  • Account security issue.
  • Network problem.
  • Server issue.

So these are few reasons may cause something went wrong problem. now it’s a time to fix the problem.

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How to fix something went wrong error in outlook account-

Check Network settings –

Sometimes, people are unable to get into there hotmail account, just because of their network issue. so you should check the network settings and make sure your Firewall and DNS is not interrupting you in accessing the email.

Also, you should try to restart the router, & modem once. after restarting the modem and computer, you should try to access the email again. let’s see are you getting emails or not?

Server Issue-

sometimes, the problem may be related to outlook server side. so when you get something went wrong error message. do not forget to check the server status. to check the status, you may visit: is Hotmail down. if you find outlook / hotmail is down. I will advise you, you need to wait until the server does not start working fine. once the server will be up. your account will start working fine.

Browser issue-

Do you know, you may get something went wrong error message because of your web browser? Yes, it’s true. if you have an outdated browser or your browser is infected. it may give you something went wrong error message. so you should optimize the web browser and then try to login again. let’s see if your account is working now or not?

Change Alias Name

if you have an old microsoft account like- msn, live or hotmail. the problem might be related to alias name. maybe the outlook server is not able to identify the account. that’s why you are getting this error message.

in this situation, you have to change your alias name and then you should try to log in again. your account will start working fine.

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2 thoughts on “Something Went Wrong Error In Hotmail Account

  1. Hotmail won’t allow me to access my email. when i click on sign in, it is saying something went wrong error message. i am worried about this.

  2. I just created a new outlook account. but each time when i try to sign in, it is saying, sorry! we can’t connect to this account. something went wrong.
    It is happening in apple mac pc only. if i try to open my email on windows computer or phone. it works perfectly fine.
    Why is this problem comming?

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