Why Is AOL Compose Button Not Working On Google Chrome?

Aol compose button not working issue is directly related to the browser. Aol mail buttons do not work if your browser is outdated or corrupted. Here are the instructions below to fix this kind of problem.

Reset By Default Internet Settings To Fix AOL Compose Button Not Working Problem

AOL compose button not working

You should reset all internet settings and certificates as windows default. It can be done from internet explorer settings. Below are short keyboard keys directly reach to reset internet settings.

  • Press Windows + R keys together to open the Run box.
  • Type inetcpl.cpl into the run box and then click ok.
  • Go to browser history and check-mark on delete browsing data and history.
  • Click on Apply then ok.
  • Further, restart your pc before composing Aol mail.

Check Your Internet For Email

Commonly, your internet may stop work. Aol won’t work due to a link break between the email server and your browser. With no internet, nothing will happen if you are clicking on the compose email button.

  • Turn off your modem and wifi router as well.
  • Shut down your pc and close the browser using Aol mail.
  • Now, start your internet modem and wireless router.
  • Wait for the blinking internet light, then start your pc to check the internet.
  • Further, you still have an internet issue, call your internet provider.

Delete the cookies cache

  1. Open google chrome and click on three verticle dots to open the menu.
  2. Click on the Settings icon and then scroll down to Privacy and security.
  3. In this section, find clear browsing data
  4. Choose advanced from tab and check mark on all the list.
  5. Now, click on clear data.
  6. After deleting the cookies and cache, you need to reboot your computer.
  7. Further, restart your browser and log in to your Aol account.

Press the compose button and see if it is working this time or not?

Update the javascript

You should check the Java update because of javascript error cause of browser as well as Aol email issues. Sometimes Aol emails need to enable javascript, and by default, Google chrome disable java.

Enable the popup if AOL compose button not working

Pop up feature is very important for the Aol email account. Some emails use a popup window for enabling javascript or ads. Enable the popup window on your browser and then press the compose button.

If it is not allowing you to load the page, you need to reset your internet web browser. After resetting the browser, allow pop up for Aol emails.

Update the browser

Also, check for the web update. Maybe there is an important update for the webmail. That’s why your web browser won’t work for Aol email.

  1. Click on the menu icon.
  2. Click on the settings and press the advanced button.
  3. Scroll down and click on update browser settings. Finally, your browser will be updated. You will be good to go.

After following all these above techniques, if the compose button is still not working. It would help if you changed your web browser. In case if you are unable to sign in to your aol account. It would help if you visited: how to fix aol email login problems.

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