Why AOL Contacts Missing From My Account?

Some of my AOL contacts disappeared automatically. I had them a few days ago. but now they are missing. Can you tell me how can I recover deleted AOL contacts?

Can you tell me how are using the AOL account on your device? Like- are you using it through third party application like- outlook, lotus, etc. or you are using it via a web browser.

If you are using a third party application for your AOL account, you should perform send & receive action once. You might receive missing AOL contacts through this.

If you still face the same problem. I would suggest you remove the account from your application and re-add it.

Restore AOL Missing contacts From Outlook or any third party application-

If your AOL contacts disappeared from outlook or any third party application. You can easily recover them using the Backup file.

Every third party application has an option to create a backup file. If you had created the backup before. You can simply restore it.

But if you don’t have back up files, In that case, you have to check the web mail. If you find your AOL contacts there, you need to simply restore them to the back date.

I hope this will help you better in fixing the problem.

Restore missing contacts from AOL Webmail –

If you are going through AOL contacts missing problem. Here, I have some tricks to fix the problem. You can simply use them recover your deleted email contacts from AOL account.

  • Let’s log in to your AOL account using aol webmail address.
  • Click on contacts available in the left panel.
  • Now Click On More and then restore.
  • Finally, you will get an option to select the date to restore your contacts. You need to go ahead and restore them.

If you have lost the aol contact list from outlook. here can try to restore them using the backup file if you have.

To restore missing aol contacts, you can follow the instructions given below.

  1. Open the outlook application.
  2. Click on files and select import and export.
  3. Now Select import .pst files
  4. Now you will get an option to upload the backup files. click on it and select the backup file.
  5. Finally, you need to click on finish.

Once you will upload the files. it will restore the contacts.

So these are the instructions about how to fix AOL contacts disappeared problem.

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