Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Android Phone?

Can anyone from the AOL department tell me, why is my AOL mail not working on my android cell phones?

I am trying to load the AOL account many times, but getting the “can’t connect to the server” error message in revert.

At the same time, this email is working fine on my old iPhone and windows computer.

please tell us why is it doing so, and how can I troubleshoot this issue on my android smartphone?

According to the error message (as you have told us), it seems like, you have made a mistake in configuring your account.

That’s why your AOL mail is not working on android phone.

So here, I am sharing the instructions about how will you get this problem resolved easily. You may try it to fix your issue.

So let’s check these settings,

  • Double Check the display username & password.
  • Remove the account and configure it.
  • Re-add your account using the manual settings.

Let me go ahead and describe a little more about how to fix AOL mail not loading issue on android phone.

Verify The Password –

Let’s ensure that you have typed the correct password for your AOL account. Most of the time, people get into trouble due to misspellings.

When they make an error in typing the correct or do not type it in the correct format, your android phone will not be able to connect to the AOL mail due to the login issues.

In such a case, you have to reset the password, or you may visit: how to fix AOL mail login problem for more details.

Check The Server Settings –

Sometimes, AOL mail may not be working on the android phone because of invalid server settings.

Whenever your phone can’t sync with the AOL mail server. You should check the configuration, ensure that they meet the following one.

The incoming server name for IMAP- imap.aol.com

Port- 993

Encryption- SSL /TLS

Outgoing server name- smtp.aol.com

Port- 465

Encryption – tls / ssl

Delete And Re-Add The AOL Account-

Let’s remove the AOL account from your phone and follow the instructions, and re-add it to the automatic configuration. It will start working fine.

When I was unable to access my AOL account through Android Phone, I did a few things to fix the problem, which I am going to share here, you may use them.

  • Go to the settings on your Android Phone.
  • Click on the Accounts & sync option. ( you may see it with other similar names as well)
  • Now tap on your AOL account.
  • Click on the remove account or delete the account (whatever you can see over there).
  • Once you will remove the account, you should reboot the phone once.
  • Now get back to the accounts and sync,
  • Click on the add account (you will find it on top or bottom of all options)
  • Select AOL as your service provider.
  • Type the email address and password for your AOL account.
  • Put a check on automatically sync the server settings and click ok.

Finally, it will sync the settings automatically, and get connected to the AOL mail server.

So I hope you will not complain about AOL mail stopped working on the android phone issue.

This might sound a little silly, but you should never ignore checking the internet connection. There might be a possibility of no internet connection or no cellular data on your phone.

I hope this will help you in fixing the aol mail not working problem.

Sometimes, you may have AOL mail not working issue due to the app issue. So you should do the following things to fix the app.

  • Delete the cache files on your mail app.
  • Update the app.

Once you do this, your mail will start working fine.


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