Can’t Connect Macbook AOL mail app Troubleshooting

Can't connect Macbook AOL mail appAOL mail account can’t connect Macbook AOL mail app if I use my windows computer. It is working fine. There is no problem. How to fix this problem on my MacBook?

Well, many times, people can’t connect their AOL account on mail applications due to the two primary reasons.

  1. Account setup problem.
  2. Application problem.

Here, I am sharing the guide to fix this kind of problem. You can quickly try these instructions to correct the problem.

Let’s try to log in to your account on safari and check if you can sign in successfully or not. If you cannot, you need to change the password. You may visit: how to fix AOL emails login problems for more information.

Once you will able to log in your AOL account on safari but unable to get it on the mac books mail application. You should change the password on mac application using the tricks given below.

  1. Open the mail application on a mac book.
  2. Click your mail and click on accounts.
  3. Select your account and delete it.
  4. Now press the add account button and select AOL as your service provider.
  5. Type your email address and password and press ok.

Check The Network connectivity- 

If you couldn’t connect your AOL account on mail application. It can be due to several reasons like-

  • DNS server not responding.
  • Firewall issue.

You should check these settings correctly.

Check Mail application update to fix Can’t connect Macbook AOL mail app-

If you have already tried the above steps, but you can’t connect the AOL mail account on the MacBook mail application. You need to check for the application update. Maybe there is an update required for the mail. That’s why you are going through such kind of problem.

So these are the techniques to fix the can’t connect to AOL mail on mail application. In case, if you have any other questions, visit askprob community to correct the problem.

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