Why Do I Have Apple Payment Method Declined Error?

I am trying to buy some apps from the iTunes store on my iPad. Each time, I try to process the payment. It gives me an error says, apple payment method declined. 

Can you tell me how can I solve this issue?

When you get apple payment method declined error message on your computer.  It can be due to several reasons like-

  1. Wrong debit /card information.
  2. The card is expired.
  3. Billing details error.
  4. Server issue.
  5. The bank might be blocking the payment.

So these are some basic reasons behind apple payment declined to issue. If you are also getting the same error while making the payment on iTunes.

how to fix apple payment method declined error:

You should follow the steps given below to resolve the issue.

  1. Firstly, you should begin by checking the credit /debit card validity. You need to check the expiry date on the card. If your card is expired. You won’t be able to make the payment anymore.
  2. When you proceed for the payment on iTunes, you should select the card type, and bank name carefully. Let’s say, if you have a visa debit card from the city bank, you need to choose the payment method like a debit card and bank name as a city bank.
  3. Sometimes, people get the apple payment method declined error message due to the invalid card entry. They type the wrong card number and expiration dates. That’s why apple’s payment processor can’t verify the payment from the bank and it gets fail.

So you should check the card details carefully. If you are making any kind of mistake in typing the wrong details.

  1. Never forget to verify the billing details. While you are going to make the payment, you should enter the same billing details. That you have given into your bank.
  2. If you are getting apple payment method declined error message from a specific credit or debit card. You should call your bank and ask them to allow the payment. It usually happens, when your bank finds something suspicious with the payment processor. In this case, you have to call your bank and tell them to process the payment.
  3. If you are getting apple payment declined error message on every card. It can be due to the server problem. Maybe the payment server is not responding well. That’s why you are going through apple payment failure issue.

So these are the reasons behind apple payment declined error message. I hope you will fix the payment failure issue by yourself using these tricks.

Did you check the balance on your card? Maybe you do not enough balance for the payment. That’s iTunes is declining the payment.

In case, if you are using the iTunes payment card. Make sure, it is activated and ready for the payment.

If you did not activate the card yet, then you should proceed for the activation process first.


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