Fix Asus Laptop Wifi Not Working | Not Connecting Issue

Asus laptops are known for doing the creative or gaming work. They are generally built by the heavy processor and GPU, that can handle your edit or streaming process easily. So, it is very rare, it may stop working. but sometimes,  users may report about  asus laptop wifi is not working in Windows 10. This error comes due to the following reasons:

  • Wifi functionality is switched off.
  • The laptop is unable to detect the wifi. 
  • Security issue. 
  • Driver problem. 
  • Adapter problem.

These are some common reasons for Asus laptop wifi not working problem. If you cannot connect your laptop to the wifi network, please use this guide to troubleshoot the connection.asus laptop wifi not working, asus laptop is not connecting to wifi

How Do I Fix Asus laptop Not Connecting to Wifi Problem AKA Wifi Stopped working- 

Before you change the network adapter settings, let’s reboot the laptop and wifi router. 

After rebooting your laptop, you should recheck the wifi settings. Let’s see if it is showing the wifi connection or not?

If it shows the wifi name, you should press the connect button next to it.

Step 1- Turn On the wifi feature- 

If you can’t see the available network in the list, please turn on the wifi feature on laptop. 

For Windows 10- 

  • let’s go to the settings (type settings in the windows box and press enter)network and internet
  • Click the network & internet option, and hit the wifi option from the menu. 
  • Slide right to turn on the wifi. wifi turn on

For Windows 7- 

  • Let’s go to the windows mobility center(start >> type windows mobility in the search box >> press enter).
  • Press the turn on the wifi if it is showing disabled. 

You will also get a wifi button on the Asus laptop, which should be presented in the functions key. If you still can’t see the available network, please jump to the step 5. 

Step 2- Keep the laptop Near the access point (Router)- 

If you are receiving the weak signals from your wifi, please place your laptop nearby the wifi access point or router. Now press the connect button. 

If it is connecting to the wifi now, it means there is a problem with your laptop adapter. So you must replace it. 

Step 3- Press the forget network button-

If Asus laptop wifi is not working and getting unable to connect error. While you try to connect your laptop to the wifi. There might be a problem with the old wifi profile. 

So you should delete the old wifi profile and then try to connect to the wifi now. 

forgot network

For Windows 10- 

  • Click on the wifi icon presented in the bottom left side corner. 
  • Right-click on the wifi name, and press the forget network button. 

For Windows 7 or earlier OS-

  • Let’s go to the network and sharing center. 
  • Click on the manage wireless network option. 
  • Right-click on the wifi name and press the forget network button. 

Step 4- Change the wifi encryption-

If you have an Atheros adapter on the Asus laptop and it is not connecting to the wifi network. 

You should replace the current wifi encryption with the WEP 64 bit. Now generate a new wifi password and try to connect through it. 

You can change these settings from your router’s admin panel. 

  1. Let’s open the wifi router’s admin panel. 
  2. Now move on to the wireless settings. 
  3. Select the encryption type as WEP and create a new password.
  4. Now press the apply changes button.

Check router settings also because your asus router may be not working.

Step 5- Restart the WLAN services- 

If the wifi is not working on the Asus laptop, you should restart the WLAN services on your laptop once. 

  • Let’s open the windows service center (open the run box > type services.msc > press ok).
  • Scroll down and select the WLAN service. Now press the restart button. 

Once you restart the windows services, you can make another attempt to connect to the wifi. 

Step 6- Update the wifi driver- 

Sometimes, You may have Asus laptop wifi not working problem due to the wifi driver. 

When the wifi driver is not up to date, it may not function well. So you update the wifi driver using the actions given below. 

  • Let’s open the go to the device manager (open the Run box and type devmgmt.msc >> Press the ok button).
  • Double click on network adapters. 
  • Right-click on the network adapter and hit the update driver option from the menu. 
  • Now press search automatically for the driver update option, and press the next button. 

Finally, windows will start updating your driver. During this process, you need to ensure that your pc should be connected to the internet via ethernet or other methods. 

Step 7- Uninstall the driver (to fix the asus laptop wifi not working)- 

After using the above techniques, if the wifi is still not working on an Asus laptop. It would help if you uninstalled the wifi driver from your laptop using the instructions given below. 

  • Let’s jump back into the device manager. 
  • Double click on the network adapter and right-click on the wifi adapter. 
  • Press the uninstall device button. 
  • Put a checkmark on the delete driver option and press the ok button. 

Once you uninstall the driver, you can restart your laptop; it will automatically install the wifi driver. 

However, If it can’t find the  audio driver, you can go to the Asus  website and download the latest driver

Step 8- Restore the computer (if still facing the asus laptop wifi not working problem)- 

After using the above steps, if Asus laptop wifi is still not running. You can restore the pc to the previous date when it was working fine.

  • Let’s open the command prompt on your Asus laptop. 
  • Type Rstrui.exe and press the enter button. 
  • Now select the restore date and press the next button. 
  • Finally, Now you will see a warning message, press the yes button to agree. 

Finally, the restore process will begin, now do not shutdown your pc until it completes. 

After using the above steps, if the wifi is still not working on the Asus laptop, it means there might be an issue with the wifi adapter; in such a case, you have to visit the nearest Asus service center for help. 

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