Why Is My Belkin Range Extender Blinking Orange?

Belkin range extender is a movable device which uses for increase the wireless area. Belkin range extender blinking orange shows unable to connect with the wireless network.

You need to know red light in Belkin range extender can not for the dead indication. Most of the people think flashing red light shows the device is dead.

The work of the range extender is only boosting the signal. It captures the configure network signal and transmits it by increasing it.

We connect range extender with an internet modem or wifi router. Sometimes wifi of the router or modem can’t connect with the range extender due to network glitch. In this situation, the range extender starts blinking red light.

Not only blinking orange even amber yellow and blue lights can show on Belkin extender. The lights can steady or blinking and all indicate specific issues.

  1. Belkin range extender no light shows not connected to a power source.
  2. Blinking Blue light shows at starting up Belkin extender.
  3. The Alternating Blue and Orange light come when the range extender is ready to set up.
  4. Blinking Orange or amber says range extender is searching wireless network.
  5. A Solid Orange on Belkin extender is experiencing a weak signal.
  6. If there is Solid Blue, means range extender connected to the wireless network.

Read below about certain types of lights on Belkin extender and its solution.

Why Belkin Range extender Flashes lights:

Whenever the Belkin range extender keeps searching wifi signal, it starts Blinking orange light. It indicates the extender is facing issues while connecting with the wireless network.

Issues can occur due to distance issues or interruption of other frequencies. There are a few steps that should perform before applying the main steps.

  • More distance between Belkin extender and wireless network(router) can create a blinking amber light issue. Keep your range extender within the wireless network so it can connect itself.
  • A heavy physical barrier between the router and begin extender breaks the signal. So, make sure and avoid barriers like metal objects, thick ceiling walls, mirrors, or drawer.
  • Any transmitting towers, Microwave devices, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, Bluetooth wireless connections, and mixers can interrupt the signal range.
  • The range extender can flash orange or red light if your modem or router doesn’t have internet.
  • Restart the devices in your home can fix most of the issues.

Troubleshoot Belkin Range Extender Blinking Orange Light

Here, are some quick tips to fix the Belkin range blinking orange and blue problem. Go ahead and use them to fix your issue.

  1. Let’s reboot the wireless router and Belkin range extender together and wait for one minute. Now check what color of light do you see orange or green?
  2. Make sure, your range extender is placed within the range of 10 meters from the router. If it is a little far from it.
  3. Did you change the wireless router password on your router? If your answer is yes? You need to reset the range extender and reconfigure it with the new password.

Setup Flashing Orange Belkin Range Extender

First, try to place a range extender near the wifi router or modem and restart all network devices. The first modem then the router after that range extender one by one.

Wait for two minutes to check the lights on the range extender. If still amber or orange follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the Modem or router and other wireless networks.
  • Turn on your Belkin range extender.
  • Find a tiny reset hole in the back of the range extender.
  • Insert a paper clip into the hole, press, and hold it for a minute.
  • Now, remove the paper clip and let start the extender.
  • Connect range extender with a computer using LAN cable.
  • Few extender models don’t have a LAN port. In this case, search open range extender wireless networks and connect with it.
  • Now type http://belkin.range on the address bar of web browser and hit enter.
  • Start your wireless router or modem and click on ‘Start Setup’.

belkin range extender blinking orange

  • The range extender will start searching and displaying your wireless network. If it doesn’t show click on Refresh.
  • Find your wireless SSID and click on that to connect.
  • Enter your wireless password and hit next.
  • Further, the page will display to select your extended network SSID and password.
  • Type new SSID for extended network otherwise click next for the same previous.
  • Now, it will ask to put somewhere for a better network connection in your home.  Move to check and confirm a better wifi signal.
  • Restart all the devices again and the range extender will start connecting with steady blue light.


Repeat the process again if still having to flash or blinking orange light on the extender. For more about related Belkin router check Fix Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light Problem.

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