Best Guide To Fix Brother Printer Says Offline Problem?

Brother printer says offlineIf you are trying to print something from your brother printer, but it Displays the offline error message on your computer screen.

This error may come because of the following reasons:

  • The printer is powered off.
  • Network communication issue.
  • Security programs are blocking print services.

You can receive the brother printer says offline error message on windows computer as well as mac pc.

A number of you may believe this could be somewhat difficult to repair the brother says offline error, but that is not correct.

You may use the techniques given for this particular blog to troubleshoot the offline mistake.

Primary steps To Fix Brother Printer says Offline error

Before we share the troubleshooting steps, you need to execute these actions.

  • Please turn off the brother machine & router for a moment and then power them back on.
  • Let’s connect your printer through the computer via USB and then print something.
  • Let’s make sure that your printer and computer are connected through the same network.
  • Please be sure your printer is connected to the wifi network.
  • Turn off the wifi option on the brother printer, and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Now, turn it back on the wifi of brother printer.

6 Tricks To Fix The Brother Printer Offline

Step 1- Review the network settings:

Whenever, brother machine keeps going offline in the same network, analyze the network connection settings. For analyzing network you can follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, power on the brother wireless printer and press the menu or home button.
  2. Reach to the network option using the arrow keys and press the ok button.
  3. Now choose the WLAN setup function available under the network option.
  4. Press the Setup wizard option and turn on the wifi.
  5. Choose your wireless network name from the list and press the ok key.
  6. Finally, you need to enter the network password and press the ok button.

Finally, your brother machine will connect with the local wifi network. In case if the brother printer doesn’t connect to the wifi, recheck the process.

Step 2- Remove the duplicate printer copy:

Brother printer can display an offline error message because of the duplicate printer selection. It can the possible user chooses a wrong printer from the properties.

During printing, the printer gets confused about which selection has to choose and stop printing. Remove the printer copy section follows these steps:

For Windows Pc-

  • Let’s open the control panel on your windows pc.
  • Click on the devices and printers option available in the control panel.
  • Right-click on the brother printer copy section and press ‘remove printer’.
  • Do the same thing for other properties as well.

For Mac Pc-

  • Go to the printer utility.
  • Choose the brother printer copy and press the – (subtract) icon to delete the printer.

Once you remove the printer copies, you should select a brother printer as a default printer, and then print something through it.

Step 3- Check TCP/ IP port:

Sometimes, the brother printer might be unable to print, and it keeps going offline due to the TCP/ IP port issue.

You need to check the TCP/ IP port on printer properties and uncheck the SNMP port. To complete this process, you can take these actions.

  • Let’s move back to the devices and printers in the control panel.
  • Right-click on your brother printer properties and go to printer properties.
  • Now, press the port from the menu, and check the TCP/IP port.
  • Now Click on the configure port button and uncheck the SNMP port.
  • Finally, press the ok button.

Now, try to print something from your brother printer. Let’s check is it works fine or still getting printer offline error message on display.

Step 4- Remove & add the device again can solve brother printer says offline:

By removing printer setup and adding again can resolve the offline error. Sometimes software and windows get the update and left old cache memory. Old software cache can create syncing issues between brother printer and pc.

For windows pc

  • Go back to the devices and printers section in the control panel.
  • Right-click on the printer properties and click on the remove device option.
  • Now press the yes button to remove it.
  • After you remove the printer from your computer, you need to press the Add printer button available at the very top.
  • Choose your printer from the list and press the next button.

For Mac PC

  • Go to the printer utility on your mac pc.
  • Select your printer and press the subtract icon to remove it.
  • Now press the plus icon to add the printer.
  • Select your printer from the list and press the done button.

Step 5- Turn off the computer security programs:

It doesn’t happen but some security programs or antivirus can block brother printer mechanism. Antivirus installed into the PC or laptop can flag brother printer software by mistake.

When these programs are blocking the communication between printer and computer, your computer can start displaying the offline error message.

In this case, disable the security programs for a while, and then try to print something from your printer. If the brother printer is printer after turning off the security, allow manually brother printer from the blocking table.

Further, for a brief description of allowing a program from any security program, read the antivirus’s manual.

Step 6- Install a new driver:

If you have already used the above steps, but your brother printer doesn’t come back online. You should remove the antivirus from your computer, and install a new version of the printer driver.

You can find the latest printer driver from the brother’s official website. So download it from there and install it now into your pc.


A brother printer can display an offline message due to many reasons. Always use genuine paper with the original ink. A duplicate ink and cartridge can never perform well.

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