Best Guide To Fix Brother Printer Says Offline Problem?

Brother printers has always been known for the stable performance. But sometimes, you may receive brother printer says offline error on the windows or mac pc.

brother printer says offline , brother printer keeps going offline 

Ideally, this error comes due to communication or driver settings. So brother wifi printer shows offline or paused error. You should review the following things first. 

  1. Let’s assure that your machine is not in sleep or hibernate mode. 
  2. Please keep your brother machine nearby your wifi access point.

Apart from these settings, there can be several other causes due to which you might be getting a brother printer keeps going offline error. Here in this blog, I am going to explain to them the solution. You can use these techniques. 

Troubleshooting guide to fixing brother printer says offline problem on windows 10 or mac pc – 

Step 1- Restart the printer- 

Let’s cancel all print command available in the queue and restart the brother printer, router, and computer in the following sequence.

To cancel the print command-  

  • Let’s click on the printer icon available in the taskbar. 
  •  Right-click on a file presented in the row and press the cancel button from the menu. 
  • Now copy the same method for different files as well. 

cancel print on brother printer

Now, after making these changes, you can restart the devices in the following order. 

  • Restart your wifi access point or modem (whatever you are using).
  • Power off the brother machine for 2 minutes and then reboot it. 
  • Now reboot your computer as well. 

Step 2- Check the connection- 

If you receive a brother printer says offline error on the windows 10 or mac pc, you should check the network settings. 

Your brother machine is probably not available in the network; that’s why you keep getting an offline error on your pc. 

Please be sure that the pc and printer are attached to the same network if they aren’t? You disconnect your printer and connect it to the same network, through which your pc is joined. 

If you face any trouble in wifi setup, you can visit: how to fix the brother printer wifi setup failed issue

Step 3- Check set as the default option- 

Most of the time, the brother printer receives the offline error because they give a print command to the wrong printer. 

You should select your printer as default to ignore this mistake, so it will go directly to the default printer whenever you give print command. 

brother printer offline

  • Let’s initiate the control panel window (open run box >> type control >> press ok).
  •  Click on the devices and printers (if you don’t see this option, click on the hardware and sound). 
  • Select the brother printer property, right-click on it and press the set as default.  

Now you must be seeing a green checkmark on a brother printer property. Now you can give a print command again. Let’s see if the brother printer is coming back online or still showing paused or offline? 

 For Mac Users- 

  • Let’s go to the system preference and go to the printers & scanners. 
  • Click on the default menu option and choose your printer. 

Step 4- Uncheck use printer offline option- 

Suppose brother printer keeps going offline on the windows 10, windows 7, or other versions, ensure that you haven’t checked the use printer offline. Please uncheck it using the details provided here. 

  • Let’s reopen the devices and printers window on your pc. 
  • Right-click on the brother machine icon, and untick the use printer offline. 

Step 5- Remove the duplicate properties- 

Sometimes, we create more than one printer property by mistake. We can’t identify the working printer and provide the print request to the wrong printer. 

So you should delete all useless printer properties by taking these actions and keep the brother printer property only. 

Remove printer device

For windows pc- 

  • Let’s open the devices and printers window on your pc again. 
  • Right-click on the printer properties and click on remove device option. 
  • Select the property one by one and press the Remove device button. 

Now remove the other printer properties as well. 

For Mac Pc- 

  • Let’s go to the printer preferences on your macbook. 
  • Choose the printer that you require to remove and press the – button. 

Step 6- Update printer firmware- 

Sometimes, the brother printer keeps going offline because of the software issue, Especially when you have an old brother machine. 

In that case, let’s upgrade the printer firmware and then retry to print something. Let’s see if the brother machine is coming back online or still offline? 

Step 7- Disable the security- 

Have you checked the antivirus and firewall settings? Maybe they are blocking the tcp/ip ports. That’s why your pc is unable to ping to the brother printer. windows firewall

So If your brother printer keeps going offline on a windows pc, you should turn off the firewall and antivirus for a minute. 

Now cancel all print command from what’s printing and give a new test print command. 

Step 8- Reinstall the brother software- 

After making  the changes into the printer and computer, if your brother printer still keeps going offline on windows 10 or mac pc, you should uninstall the brother printer software from your pc. 

To uninstall the printer software from windows pc, you can take these actions. 

  • Press Windows + R key to launch the run box on any windows machine. 
  • Type appwiz.cpl and press the ok button. 
  • Look for the brother printer software, and press the uninstall button. 
  • Now you will see a warning window, click on yes, and follow the procedure. 

Right after removing the brother software, you can restart your pc and install the new brother printer driver

For mac users- 

Just like that, you can remove the brother printer driver from your mac pc as well. 

  • Let’s go to the printer’s preferences. 
  • Select your printer and press the remove button. 
  • Now go to the libraries in the mac pc and select the files. 
  • Now choose the files and click on the delete file option. 

Right after deleting the program, you can reinstall the brother printer driver.

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