Best Guide To Fix Brother Printer Says Offline Problem?

When you receive an offline error on your brother printer, while you try to printing through your windows or mac pcs. 

It Indicates the issues related to communication.

In simple words, we can say, your windows or mac computer is unreachable to your brother wifi printer. 

That’s why you keep getting the offline error message. 

Brother printer says offline, Brother printer keeps going offline

Now let’s come to the main point. How do we solve this kind of issue? 

We do not worry; here I am to help you with fixing your printer issue. So follow the steps below.

Causes Behind Brother Printer Keeps going offline- 

Before we share the steps to troubleshoot, the brother printer says offline problem. 

Let us discuss, Why is brother printer keeps going offline? 

  • Network Connection issue ( most common problem)
  • Communication fault. 
  • Driver issue. 
  • Printer issue. 

So these are the most common reasons behind the brother printer offline problem. 

Now it’s a time to get your brother printer online? So let’s jump to the troubleshooting steps. 

A quick guide to getting your brother printer back online- 

This is the smart Guide to fix the brother printer keeps going offline error message. If you need a comprehensive guide, just scroll down and go to the brief Guide to fix the brother printer offline problem.

  • Be sure you are not in the idle mode if it is in the idle mode. you need to go ahead and wake up it. 
  • Firstly, you should reboot the printer, access point (wifi router), and computer. Now wait for a while, now try to print something. 
  • Let’s check the wifi connection on your printer, ensure that your printer is connected through the wifi. 
  • Let’s be sure that your brother printer and computer are connected through the same network. 
  • Review for the brother printer driver update. 
  • Ensure that the security is not blocking the connection. 
  • Uninstall the printer from your computer and reconfigure it.

(Comprehensive Guide) How To Get brother printer back online? 

Check the Network Connection – 

When you notice the brother printer says offline error message. 

You should monitor the network connection. Be sure that your printer is connected through the wifi network. 

You may quickly determine the wifi status on your printer by reviewing the wifi light. 

If you see a solid green or blue wifi light on your brother printer, It means your brother printer is connected through the wireless network. 

Otherwise, you have to go ahead and connect it through the wifi network. 

During the wifi setup process, if you face any Difficulty, you may visit: why does my brother printer won’t connect to wifi? 

Apart from checking the network connection, it would be best if you also were taking care of the following things. 

  • Make sure you have a good signal quality on your brother printer. 
  • Keep your printer and computer connected through the same network. If they are available in the different wireless networks, you should disconnect them and connect them through the same network. 

Select Your Printer As A Default Printer-

Before printing any document, Let’s ensure that you’re giving the print command to the right printer. 

Sometimes, People do not select the correct printer property to print their papers. 

That’s why they get the brother printer says offline error message. 

For the convenient way, You should cancel all pending jobs and select your printer as a default printer, and then try to print something. 

  • Let’s open the control panel on your windows pc. 
  • Push the devices and printers’ option. 
  • Right Click on your brother printer property and press the select as default printer. 

Check the USB cable connection- 

if you are getting an offline error message on a local printer. It would help if you inspected the USB cord connection.

Make sure your printer is connected correctly to the pc, Or you may disconnect your printer and reconnect it. 

Also, you should check the USB cable’s health. Make sure it is not broken. 

If you find it broken, you need to replace the USB cable. 

Steps to select the brother printer as the default in mac os pc- 

  • Open the printer tab (system preferences >> printer & scanners >> printers)
  • Under the default printer, choose your printer from the drop-down menu. 

Cancel All Print Jobs-

Let’s cancel all print jobs and then give new print command. 

  • Click on the print icon available in the bottom taskbar. 
  • Now Select your print jobs and click on cancel print. 

Disable the computer security – 

Sometimes, you may be getting the brother printer says offline error message on your pc because of security. 

When your firewall or antivirus programs are blocking the connection, you won’t be able to print anything.

Due to which, you will keep getting the brother printer offline error message. 

You should disable the antivirus and firewall for a while, now try to print something from your brother printer. Let’s see if your brother printer is coming back online or not? 

Restart the printer pool services- 

Sometimes, the brother printer keeps going offline on windows computers due to the pool services. When printer pool services are not responding, you should go ahead and restart them. 

To Restart the printer pool services, you may follow the instructions given below. 

  • Open the service manager window (Open the run box and click on the services.msc) 
  • Scroll down and select print spooler and click on restart.  

Now try to print something from your brother printer. Let’s see is your brother printer online now or still showing the offline. 

Remove the printer- 

If you are still getting the brother printer says offline error. you should remove the printer from your computer, and add it again. 

Remove the printer from windows computer- 

  • Open the devices and printers window.
  • Right-click on the brother printer and click on remove device. 
  • Now click on yes. 

Remove the printer from mac computer- 

  • Open the printers tab again (system preferences >> printers and scanners >> printer).
  • Select your Brother printer and click on the – icon. 

Uninstall the printer- 

If you have already used the above techniques but still getting the offline error message on your brother printer. 

You should uninstall the brother printer driver from your computer, and install a new driver. 

To uninstall the printer, you may follow these steps- 

  • Open the programs and features window (Control panel >> program and features)
  • Select the printer driver and click on uninstall. 
  • Choose the yes option to uninstall the printer driver. 

Now follow the process to uninstall the Brother printer driver. 

Once you uninstall the driver, you may go-ahead to the brother’s official website and install a new driver.


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