How To Block Spam Emails On AOL Mail?

I am receiving tons of promotional and junk emails. they all are landing into the inbox folder of my aol account.

I want to block them. is there any rule to block spam mails on aol?

Of course, there is a feature in the AOL webmail where you can filter your quality emails into the inbox and send spam emails into the trash or junk folders.

I am going to share the instructions about how to block spam emails on AOL account using webmail.

Block The Spam Mail Senders-

  • Open the web browser and go to the AOL webmail login page.
  • Type your AOL username and password and hit the login button.
  • Now click on the Settings icon available on the top right side corner in the mailbox.
  • Click on the mail settings.
  • Press the spam settings tab.
  • Now you can type the emails address of the company; from them, you are receiving the spam emails.

Create The AOL Mail Filters-

If you want to block the emails that contain sales offers or these kinds of things. You can easily create a filter on your AOL account,

  • Go to the mail settings.
  • Click on filter settings.
  • Now click on create a filter button.
  • Type the parameters that can help the robot to detect the spam mails. Let’s say, if the emails are containing sales, offers kind of word in the body. You need to type them in the body.
  • Click on create the filter.

Finally, the filter will be created on your email, so if someone will send an email to you. It will be directly going to the junk or spam folder.

Hide The Images Or Links In The Emails –

If you don’t want to see the links or images into the emails, you can go to the spam settings and click on hide images and link option.

Now click on, ok.

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