How Do I Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error 35 By MySelf?

Generally, people receive the error code 35 on their brother printer due to a few basic reasons. 

  • Paper is stucked in the printer. 
  • The ink cartridge is not installed correctly. 
  • The print head is unable to move. 

When you cannot print anything from your brother wifi printer and get 35 messages, I will advise you to follow the steps given below. 

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Quick tips to fix brother printer error 35- 

  1. Cancel all print jobs presented in the queue. 
  2. Let’s restart your brother machine, and hold the ink button for 2 minutes. 
  3. Reset the ink cartridge, and remove the stucked paper as well. 
  4. Clean the printer header gently, remove the dirt from it, and check the functionality. 

Advance guide to fix unable to print 35 error on brother machine- 

Remove the broken paper- 

First of all, you should inspect your printer. is there any broken paper available in the printer? If yes! You have to exclude it from your brother machine. 

  • Let’s remove the power cord from your brother printer. 
  • Now pull up the printer head cover gently, do not remove it forcedly. 
  • Now move your printer header from one side to the other side if there is any disturbance in the movable process. There might be some paper. You need to remove it. 
  • Check If there is an extra portion of the paper available somewhere in the printer. 
  • After removing the broken paper, please pull down the print header cover. 

Now plug in the power cord in your brother printer and then try to print something. 

Print a quality check sheet- 

If you have not found any broken paper stucked but still receiving ‘ unable to print 35 ‘ error on your brother printer. You should restart the printer network. 

You should do a print quality test by using the actions provided below. 

  • Let’s press the menu button and go to the ink option. Press the ok button.  
  • Now press the test print option and hit the ok button again. 
  • Select the test print option and push the ok button. 
  • Finally, push the color start. 

Reset the ink cartridge- 

Sometimes, the brother printer prints a completely blank page along with the error 35 due to the cartridge issue. 

When the ink cartridge is not set up properly, it may cause such kind of errors. You should unplug the cartridge from the brother printer and plug it back in such a case. 

  • Let’s unlock the ink cartridge cover. 
  • Pull down the ink cartridge lock lever and take out the ink cartridge gently. 
  • Now install the ink cartridge again. 

While you are installing the ink cartridge back, you should be conscious of the few things. 

  1. There should be no protective tape on the cartridge. 
  2. When you install the cartridge, you must hear the click sound. 
  3. Also, check the springs; if there is any loose spring, you need to correct it. 

Check the Print header or drum – 

If your print header or drum is not functioning well, you will receive unable to print error 35 on your pc. 

In such a case, you should reset the drum and then print something. If it is still not working, you should clear the message by rebooting your brother’s machine. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you can update the driver

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