How Do I Fix Brother Printer Not Recognizing the Ink cartridge Toner?

Ink cartridge or toner is a crucial part of every printer. It contains the ink and serve to the print head whenever you print something.

If it doesn’t have the enough ink, you will see the no ink error message on the display and brother printer will start printing blank pages. To resolve this error, you have to install the new cartridge into the brother printer.

However, users may get, “the brother printer is not recognizing the ink cartridge or tonererror. This error message appears right after installing the new cartridge into the brother machine.

brother printer not recognizing the ink cartridge

Why does my brother not detect the ink cartridge or toner?

If we take a deep look on why can brother printer not detect the printer? Usually, It may be happening because of 5 basic reasons.

  1. The ink cartridge is dead.
  2. This toner or cartridge is not supported by brother printer.
  3. Ink cartridge is not installed correctly.
  4. Printer firmware issues.
  5. Printer requires a clean.

How can I fix brother printer not recognizing the ink cartridge?

Now we know, why is brother printer not recognizing the ink cartridge. So, without wasting more time, let’s go ahead and troubleshot this problem easily.

Use the branded cartridge only-

Whenever ink is less in ink or toner cartridge, most people prefer to refill it, or use local cartridge instead. Because refilled or local cartridge / toner is many times cheaper than original cartridge.

But it is also harmful to the printer. Whatever people use this method of cartridge. They may face many troubles related to the print head or nozzle. for example – brother printer leaving black smudged on a paper

In addition, whenever you install a third-party cartridge in one of your new Brother printers, it will not detect this cartridge. In such a situation, your brother printer will display the error of ink Cartridge Not Detected on the screen.

Protected Tape are available on the ink cartridge-

remove tap from the ink cartridge

When you bring a new cartridge, a protective tape comes on its electric panel, which has to be removed before installing it in the printer, if for some reason you forget to remove the protected tape, your printer will remove the cartridge. You will not be able to detect it, in such a situation, you have to get that cartridge out of your printer and then remove that tape from it and re-install the cartridge, to do this you can take help of the steps given below.

  • Please remove the power cable from the back side of the Brother printer.
  • Now open the cover of the ink cartridge.
  • Press the lever down to unlock the cartridge.
  • Now get the cartridge out of the printer gently
  • Please check the cartridge carefully, there should not be any type of protected tape on it, if there is any tape on it now, then remove it.
  • After the tape is removed, install your cartridge and close the cartridge cover.
  • Now plug the power cable into the printer and then press the power button and turn the printer on.

Now brother printer is not recognizing the Toner or ink cartridge error should be gone” from your printer’s screen.

Contact chip is damaged-

If there are no tapes available on the toner/cartridge, but still brother printer cannot detect the ink cartridge. Please check the contact chip on the cartridge, possibly, the contact chip is damaged or not available on it.

That’s why printer doesn’t recognize the cartridge properly. In that case, you can remove the contact chip from the old cartridge, and put it on the new cartridge.

Now reinstall the cartridge into your printer. Let’s see if your printer is reading the cartridge or not?

If it can’t identify the cartridge yet, please replace it and get a new one.

Reset the printer internal memory –

Apart from the cartridge issue, sometimes, the users are getting no cartridge installed error due to the internal memory issue.

Possibly, the printer is unable to reset the internal memory, that’s why the printer keeps displaying, no ink cartridge detected error after installing the new ink cartridge.

In that case, you need to reset the internal memory of your printer by making these changes.

  1. Please remove the ink cartridge from your printer, and then power off the printer.
  2. Now, wait for 60 seconds and then power the printer on.
  3. Install the ink cartridge when the home screen appears on your printer.
  4. I hope your printer is now able to identify the cartridge.

Reset the brother printer –

After changing all these settings, if brother printer is still not recognizing the ink cartridge, you should factory reset the printer by using the following settings.

  1. Keep the new cartridge installed into the printer.
  2. Press the menu button on the printer panel and reach to the setup option using down arrow, press ok.
  3. Now reach to the reset option using down arrow and press ok.
  4. Now hit the reset the machine option.

Finally, the brother machine will reset itself, and come to back to the factory settings. Also, update the brother printer firmware.

Now you can setup your printer again and then the error will be gone.

So these are the steps to fix the brother printer cannot detect the ink cartridge error. If you still can’t resolve this error on brother printer, Please describe the problem in the comment.

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