Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages ?[Easy To Fix 2021]

As technology is changing, printers are being used in almost every profession. There are some professions in which it is challenging to work without printers. Such professionals always like to use a reliable printer, so that whenever they set the printer in the office, they do not face any trouble.

Whenever it comes to a reliable printer, most people prefer Brother Printers. Because the build quality of brother printers is outstanding, and these printers do not use much ink to print any document. The most important thing is that as soon as you set up this printer in your home or office, it always performs best.

Brother printer printing blank pages

But sometimes the printer consumer may face some problems like brother printer printing blank pagesWhich will be challenging for those users who are not tech-friendly.

Why Does Brother printer prints blank pages from windows 10 or mac pc? 

If we talk about the reason behind the printer printers blank page, it is usually due to some fundamental problems.

  1. Amount of ink in the cartridge is low.
  2. Printer not to detect cartridge.
  3. Do not make the print head or Nozzle work properly.
  4. Print settings are invalidated.
  5. Having driver issues.

If you are also going through the problem of printer printing blank pages issues, don’t worry, we are here to serve you to fix printing issues, you can fix this problem yourself with the help of the steps given below.

Quick tips to fix brother printer printing blank pages? 

  • When the printer prints blank pages, let’s make a copy. If it is copying fine, it’s an issue with the printer driver settings. 
  • Replace the cartridge/toner if it has a low amount of ink. 
  • Check the USB Connection, if it is printing the blank pages. 
  • Remove or re-add the brother printer to the computer. 
  • Clean the printer nozzle & print head. 
  • Uninstall the brother printer software & install a new driver. 

How to fix the Brother printer that is printing completely or partially blank pages all time? 

Remove & re-add the printer on windows 10- 

  • Right-click on the windows key and click on settings from the menu. windows 10 settings
  • Hit the devices from settings and press printers & scanners from the left menu. 
  • Hit the brother printer from the printer table & press remove device.remove a device 
  • Now click yes to remove the printer from the computer. 
  • Click Add a printer or scanner button. 
  • Choose your printer from the searches and press the add button. add a printer to fix brother printer printing blank pages

Cancel the print jobs- 

For Windows 10- 

Cancel print jobs to fix brother printer prints blank pages

  • Double click on the printer icon, that is accessible from right-side of the taskbar.
  • Now right-click on the printing file and hit the cancel from the menu.
  • Similarly, delete the other files from the printer queue.
  • Now restart your printer and computer once.

How to cancel the print jobs on mac pc- 

If you are a Mac computer user, you can cancel the print job with the help of the steps given below.

  • Press the printer symbol in the taskbar.
  • Now click on the x icon given in front of the print list’s available file.
  • Similarly, delete the other files and then restart your printer and Mac pc.

Check the ink label in cartridge/ toner- 

If your brother printer is printing completely or partially blank pages all of a sudden, you should inspect the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge my be running short on ink. That’s why the printer is unable to print the paper correctly.

  1. Power on the brother machine, wait until you see the home screen. 
  2. Go to the ink and click on the ink volume. 
  3. If you don’t see ink option (please go to the settings –>> à maintenance ->> ink volume.)

If the amount of ink is low in the cartridge, please install a new cartridge toner. 

Reestablish the cartridge- 

If the brother printer is printing blank pages after changing the ink cartridge/toner. Please assure that the printer is detecting the cartridge or toner. If it can’t detect the cartridge, you should pull out the Brother machine’s cartridge and establish it again. 

  1. Power off the brother machine. 
  2. Open the cartridge cover and take down the cartridge/ lock lever. 
  3. Pull out the ink cartridge from the brother machine. 
  4. Please take out the magnetic tape from it (if available). 
  5. Now inject the cartridge into the brother machine again and lock it correctly. 
  6. Close the cover and turn on the brother machine. 

Clean the print head & Nozzle to fix brother printer prints blank pages- 

If brother printer is detecting the cartridge but still prints blank pages. There are high chances of print head & nozzle clogging issue. So clean the print head and Nozzle with the help of ink option in the printer. 

  1. Go to the ink option in brother printer by pressing the ink key. (If not available, press menu and go to ink option using the arrows key)
  2. Reach to the cleaning option using the down arrow key. 
  3. Hit the ok start the cleaning process on the printer. 

Once the cleaning process gets completed, press the test print and hit the print quality option. 

If the brother printer is leaving black marks on the edge of the paper, please clean the print head & Nozzle manually.

Reinstall the brother driver- 

Sometimes, you may have the brother printer printing blank pages issue because of driver issues. So, take out the current brother printer driver from your device and install the latest driver. 

If you don’t have the latest driver, please go to the brother’s official website to find one for you. 

The Brother printer printing completely blank pages on mac what to do? 

If the printer is printing completely or partially blank pages from mac computer. Please remove the printer from Print & scan property and re-add it. 

  1. Please open the system preferences tab on the mac. 
  2. Go to the print & scan option, in some IOS; you will see printers & scanners option. 
  3. Pick up the brother printer from the table and Press the – symbol at the bottom. 
  4. Now press the delete the printer option on pop up window.  
  5. Press the + icon to add the printer again. 
  6. Select the Brother machine from the list and hit the add button. 

Now retry to print something, I am will print the documents with the complete text. 

 Other queries related to the brother printer issues- 

Why does brother printer print extra blank pages? 

When you print something and get an extra blank page from the brother printer, please change the printer feed mode settings. Select end of page retract from feed option and then save these settings. Suppose it doesn’t solve the problem. Please visit: why does my brother prints a blank page after each job? 

 How Do you solve the Brother printer is not printing black text issue on windows or mac pc? 

If the brother printer Doesn’t print black text on the paper. The black cartridge may be running out of ink. So, you also check the grayscale and other settings from the printer preferences. 

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